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I have been searching for some form/template for weekly antidotal notes. Any ideas? I have goggled it and searched on other sites , read a few articles but just wanted something basic

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Could be your search term. Antidotal = antidote = remedy for poison.

Did you mean anecdotal? If so, try narrative note as a search term.

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I'm just wondering, does your program already have a standard anecdotal template for clinical instructors? Or are you looking for a new tool to recommend to your colleagues?

Our clinical instructors write weekly anecdotals using a checklist of our clinical course objectives as being either met or unmet. This is accompanied by a brief narrative with more detail. I generally address student strengths first, then areas for improvement or failure to meet specific objectives. I also document any counseling, remediation, referrals to the skills lab, clinical warning, etc. The student signs and dates the anecdotal record each week.

As you know, the anecdotal record becomes EXTREMELY important whenever a student is placed on clinical warning or fails clinical. In the event of a clinical appeal, this will be the proof that the student has received due process. Your documentation must show that notification of failure to meet specific and predetermined course objectives and the opportunity to improve was given in a timely manner. I have found that using the course clinical objectives provides a standardized way to evaluate students and helps minimize any allegations of bias.

I keep really good notes on the students during the clinical day and apply my observations to the course objectives of safety, accountability, time management, etc.

Kind of a long winded answer but I hope you find something helpful here...