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Five&Two Will Do has 3 years experience and specializes in cardiology/oncology/MICU.

Nursing is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I am a world away form the life I used to lead in the corporate world.

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  1. Five&Two Will Do

    Tidal Volume of and Adult Ambu Bag

    Thank you very much
  2. Five&Two Will Do

    RN's forced to do CNA work

    \ Ok, let me try again...I believe that I apologized for any misunderstandings from my earlier post. Either way, the OP probably doesn't need you to defend her/him. I never cease to be amazed with the touchy people on this site. I apologized to you to for that matter, so if that is not good enough for you or there are some other reasons that you feel like continuing to argue with me.....too bad..I am done. To all of the others that may have understood what I meant, CHEERS!
  3. Five&Two Will Do

    RN's forced to do CNA work

    I don't know what kind of unit you work on, but it is nice too leave the monitors and gtt's and definitley doctors behind for a day!!!
  4. Five&Two Will Do

    RN's forced to do CNA work

    And sooner or later after many hard shifts of work overload and all of the extra responsibility that comes with the letters "RN" a good shift of patient care or sitter duty is quite appealing to me too!
  5. Five&Two Will Do

    Calling All VA employees

    PM any questioins you may have. I am in NC, where are you going?
  6. Five&Two Will Do

    RN's forced to do CNA work

    I hardly think disparage is a word that would rate my comment appropriately. All I am saying is that "patient assessment and meds, treatments, dressings" are only part of the entire nursing practice. Do you think that each level of licensure builds upon the last? I do not think it is acceptable to promote the concept that once one has the letters RN after his or her name, it removes the responsibility for the lower level duties of the nursing practice. You clearly share the OP's opinion. The beauty of the autonomous practice of nursing is that you can do it how you see fit. I know for certain that the largest hospital in this city will flex nurses home and have them use their PTO if the census is low enough to allow a nurse to be a sitter. Surely it is better to do "CNA work" and get paid RN $. I do think it is repulsive for an RN to make it seem as though their title means that they should no longer have to do the CNA work. I went to school to expand my scope of practice. That does not mean eliminate part of it. Sorry if you disagree and sorry also to the OP if I was too harsh.
  7. Five&Two Will Do

    Calling All VA employees

    Congratulations and welcome to the largest healthcare network in the world! I love the VA. I would work at another hospital, but it would have to be a VA as well!
  8. Five&Two Will Do

    How many of you had to make a change recently?

  9. Five&Two Will Do

    RN's forced to do CNA work

    I work in a medical ICU, we do not have any nursing assistants most of the time. I was a CNA for 5+ years before going to nursing school. The term "CNA" work is really really insulting. NURSING begins with the basics. This includes being a sitter, or feeding someone, or bathing, or even, heaven forbid, wiping some poo. It is repulsive to hear any nurse make these types of statements. No I do not personally like doing a lot of the things that I do, but it is all part of promoting dignity for the patient.
  10. Five&Two Will Do

    Ethical question...give their alcohol back or not?

    Better get rid of it before the staff gets into it........
  11. Five&Two Will Do

    I feel like everybody hates being a nurse!!!

    I love being a nurse. I like the ICU more than I did the floor, but it was fine too. I do not mind working hard, and that seems to be one of the important components to enjoying this career. The people that I hear complain about work and how it is so terrible at my hospital usually seem to be the lazy ones. That is just my observation. I can imagine, however, with the amount of work place bullying that has prompted the civility in nursing push, that some nurses may be miserable because of the way they are treated by their coworkers. I work on a great unit where most people seem to get along. I have a wonderful nurse manager. Nursing is the best career choice I could possibly have made.
  12. Five&Two Will Do

    Tidal Volume of and Adult Ambu Bag

    Hi does anyone know how much volume is given per squeeze from an adult ambu bag? Just curious and I could not seem to find this info on the manufacturer's site. I am not asking about the assessment for adequate ventilation, ie. monitoring chest rise, just the volume delivered with a full squeeze of the bag. Thanks, Mike
  13. I never understood putting all of your personal life on the internet. I have personally seen nurses call in sick to work and then our coworkers see that they post later that afternoon what a wonerful time shopping at the mall. I had a FB page for a minute, but i get bored with it. I am convinced that people that put all of the profanity and "girls gone wild" party nights on the internet do it merely for the attention. The reality is that most normal people find it pathetic. I am certainly not any kind of self righteous goody goody, but I would hate for one of my ICU patients or their families to see me throwing down on the internet and the next day titrating meds on them.
  14. Five&Two Will Do

    Never Argue With Dementia (and Other Nuggets of Nursing Wisdom)

    That is hilarious!
  15. Five&Two Will Do

    is there a nurse union at any hospital here?

    I work at the VA and we have a union AFGE. It is a government employee union though not just a nurses union.
  16. Five&Two Will Do

    Cardiac gtts???

    I like Tarascons pocket critical care guide, but as has been previously stated each facility has its own guidelines for gtt's. For example we have several nurses on this unit that came from a major medical center in the area. I received a patient from the ER the other day that coded in the elevator on the way up. RT was bagging as they rolled through the door. VFIB= shocks with epi and CPR and finally we have a pulse but no pressure. levo, dop, and neo all running wide open along with NS bolus. Our max neo is 180, apparently where the others came from it was 300. Go figure, it worked at the time, but I did titrate the neo down asap.