As a nursing student I'm afraid of _____. (fill in the blank)

  1. As a nursing student I'm afraid of _____. (fill in the blank) - Image ID: 13364
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    Is there anything in particular to nursing that you are afraid of? Please share your story below. How do you cope?

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    I'm afraid this hard work will be for nothing because employers will be too scared to hire someone with a broken spine (something I didn't know about until 2.5 years into my BSN).
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    Due to medical expenses, my husband and I had to file bankruptcy. I'm terrified that my credit score will prevent me from getting a job :-/
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    That due to a 20 year old misdemeanor I will be at the mercy of the BON in regards to my license. I can finish school, pass my NCLEX and be denied my license.
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    Awesome. Nursing (and the schooling required) does have a way of making a person fearless...perhaps too fearless at times!
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    failure. Simple as that.
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    Failing any of the last 4 classes I have left


    And getting a job...
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    Failing my summer chemistry class or statistics..
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    That all this hard work and I still wont be able to get a job. That being said, first steps first, I am afraid to fail.
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