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  1. Ciale

    Career Existential Crisis

    I’ve met some of the most miserable people in my new OR job. They seem bitter, resentful, and just plain hateful. I almost quit but then I decided to be the light in that department that it so desperately needs. Maybe I can help boost morale and let ...
  2. Ciale

    Handoff to PACU

    New to OR. Still on orientation and it seems like there’s no standard of handoff/report. Sometimes my preceptor doesn’t say anything and let’s anesthesia do it. What do you all include in your report?
  3. Ciale

    OR Job Interview

    I've been an ED nurse for 10 years and am stepping out of my comfort zone and applied for an OR gig. I have an interview and all of a sudden am feeling very nervous! I have just a few questions: 1. How long did it take you to feel like you knew ...
  4. Ciale

    Failed Med/Surg by 3/10 point

    Just a followup... I'm a charge nurse in a level I trauma center now. Passed NCLEX first time with 75 questions. BOOM. Put my ears back and went after it. Don't give up on your dreams, kids
  5. Ciale

    Hourly wage

    How much are you getting paid hourly? I have three years experience and work in Dallas at a busy inner city hospital
  6. Ciale

    Feel like quitting

    Thanks, guys. I really needed to read all this and know that I wasn't being "wimpy" or overly dramatic. You all kind of legitimized my feelings of insecurity. You're absolutely right about all the resources. I would drown without them. I've asked if...
  7. Ciale

    Feel like quitting

    I've been an RN for almost one year and I started in ER. I'm still in ER but just took a new job at a level one in a new city (came from a level 3). I am freaking stressed OUT. I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm just "winging it". Is ...
  8. Ciale

    IV sites for Abd CT

    I thought it had less to do with blowing a vein than it did the speed at which they have to push the dye in order to get a quality picture. Like, they can use a 22 but its not gonna be a great quality CT?! And, that would be really unfortunate for th...
  9. Ciale

    No BSN, want to join

    Thank you guys SO much for all the info. That really helps me. I guess patience is my best bet right now. Looks like I'm headed back to school!
  10. Ciale

    No BSN, want to join

    I want to start my career in the Navy NOW but I only have my RN (associate's degree). Does anyone know if they'd be willing to take me and help pay/train me to get my BSN while serving? I don't mind working as a nursing assistant if that's what it ta...
  11. Ciale

    HELP! Need a job in Texas

    I just moved here from Oklahoma and I am jobless. I'm an RN with only 9 months experience so I'm getting turned down for almost everything I apply for. :,( I have no idea what to do. I worked in the ER. I've got ACLS and PALS...I didn't think I'd hav...
  12. Ciale


    I had this patient 3 times last shift. Absolutely ridiculous. I tried to make them understand why this was a stupid reason to come in and the doctor was totally nice and coddled them. UGH! Don't they know they're just encouraging them?!
  13. Ciale

    Elevated troponin with renal failure?

    Thank you! The oncoming nurse asked if I got one when the pt arrived, I said no, and she rolled her eyes and ran to get a trop cartridge. Psh...dummy!
  14. Ciale

    Elevated troponin with renal failure?

    So maybe that's why the doc didn't order a POC Trop on my unresponsive pt the other day...they had already shocked him 6 times in the field so seems like a POC trop would be irrelevant?
  15. Ciale

    Emergency Room Skills

    I have good bedside manner and have gotten pretty dang good with IV's but that's about it right now. I'm a brand new nurse. I'm still pretty clueless with the crash cart/life pack and thank gawd there are people to help me when I need it. I feel like...