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  1. Listing Multiple Degrees on Resume?

    I have an unrelated AA, BA, and MA degree. I also have an ASN, BSN, and MSN. How should I list my degrees on my resume? Should omit some and maybe just keep the MSN and MA? Do I need to list my original nursing school where I got my ASN? How sho...
  2. Reading a book from 2015 and it references 'uncompensated' heart failure, but can't find any info in my Med-surg text about it. My text only has compensated and decompensated. So my question is: Is uncompensated heart failure the same as decompensate...
  3. How to measure a wound

    I attached a drawing I made below to help clarify in case my writing is confusing ? Let's say there is a wound on the front of the patient's left thigh angled diagonally. Do I measure the length across diagonally or do I find the longest length while...
  4. September 2019 Caption Contest

    The moment right after the nurse administers Narcan.
  5. September 2019 Caption Contest

    That time during the shift when you're so overwhelmed you ain't even got time for death. So you call security on him. That feeling when the haldol kicks in...
  6. Thank you Heavenly4505!
  7. Thanks for chiming in I appreciate it! I have applied to over 25 jobs, each with a cover letter specifically made by incorporating the company's core values along with how I could be a good fit. I also edit my resume to match the job description as b...
  8. Anyone have any experience with this type of job? Should I pursue it? New grad, first job offer out of RN school at an addiction center as a dispensing nurse.
  9. IV Fluid Question

    Okay, so we don't infuse 1/2 NS intravenously because the bodies cells are shriveled and thirsty so they will absorb the water from the vascular space by osmosis, thus contributing to the patients decreased BP?
  10. IV Fluid Question

    About to begin 2nd semester and I feel like this should be really easy for me to understand, but I just can't get my head around it lol. If someone could dumb it down and explain it to me, I would appreciate it. Question: Your patient is very dehydra...
  11. LA Pierce College Nursing Students...feedback

    Probably going to at least wait until orientation.
  12. LA Pierce College Nursing Students...feedback

    Thanks for posting, and the information! Intel is always wanted lol!
  13. failure. Simple as that.
  14. LA Pierce College Nursing Students...feedback

    I PM'd you as well if you could send me the convo. Thanks!
  15. May 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Zombieland Rule #1: Cardio And then I woke up... Ain't nuthin butta thang. IT'S GOT MY LEG...IT's GOT MY LEG!!!