nursing school bullying

  1. there's a nursing student in my lab group who is wishy washy. he talks to everyone in class but me. or if the teacher hands him some sheets to pass around to other students, he'll hand it to everyone except for me. don't understand why he's bullying me. never had a disagreement or said anything controversial or radical. its giving me a bit of anxiety
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  3. by   SoldierNurse22
    He's being rude, sure, but bullying? I wouldn't think so. Man, has 'bullying' come to encompass a wide number of behaviors since I was a kid.

    Be the bigger person. Ignore his behavior, or better yet, the next time he gives a handout to everyone except you, remind him loudly that he forgot you.
  4. by   NursingIsWithinMe
    I would suggest you to talk to a professor whom YOU feel comfortable discussing the situation. I had a situation that happenned to me while I was in nursing school but waited until it got to a point were I just couldn't take it anymore. I wouldn't suggest you to ignore it. PPL should know how to comport themselves... plus if you go to your STUDENT HANDBOOK it clearly list(s) how a student nurse should behave themselves. Do what you feel is best for yourself take care
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  5. by   Caribbean Character
    Sounds like he is scared of you, not bullying you. (P.S. I love the Phineas And Ferb reference in your screen name)
  6. by   classicdame
    sounds like a jerk but you will always have them around. Ask him point blank why is he shunning you? Better yet, ignore him His jerkiness will just rub off on you. Remember, once he is out of sight he is forgotten but HE has to live with himself all the time.
  7. by   nurseprnRN
    You get to choose how you feel about this very minor event. My sweet old grandmother always used to say, "Never attribute to malice (or the more modern, oh-so-overused "bullying") what could be accounted for by ignorance/stupidity."

    Just say, when he is done passing them out, "John, you missed one!" and hold out your hand with a smile. Do it once, he'll pass you your papers. Do it twice and he'll never forget you again.

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  8. by   Everline
    He's ignoring you. Not saying it's nice the way he is acting, but unless there is some more to this situation, this is not bullying, IMO. It's actually the opposite of bullying as it was defined back in my day.
  9. by   seconddegreebsn
    Here's the thing - you're going to deal with a lot of personalities when you're a nurse: big, little, polite and not so polite. And management is not going to intervene every time you don't like someone (and there will be people you do not like, OH how you will not like them!). If you go to a prof without speaking to him first, their first questions will be, "What have you done to address this?" Chances are they will want some sign that you've tried speaking to the person and resolving it on your own. It may be something minor, but you'll never find out unless you try. Conflict resolution skills in the workplace are hugely important - you don't have to LIKE everyone but it's important to be able to work together Keeping the peace: Conflict management strategies for nurse... : Nursing Management

    BTW, I don't think this is bullying, per the ANA Lateral Violence and Bullying in Nursing
  10. by   krwrnbsn
    Quote from Caribbean Character
    Sounds like he is scared of you, not bullying you. (P.S. I love the Phineas And Ferb reference in your screen name)
    Scared or intimidated maybe but not bullying.
  11. by   greatestsummerever
    he's not scared of me at all. not in the slightest. he does this all the time. he sits next to the teacher and she always hands him papers to pass to each of us individually and whenever its my turn to receive my paper I have to get up and get it from the instructor myself. he also talks to everyone in class but me. and he sometimes stares and giggles when I am messing up during lab
  12. by   i♥words
    What, is he 15 or something? He obviously has a problem with you. Maybe he likes you? I'd ignore it. I like the previous suggestions of saying (loudly) "You forgot me!!!" or some other loud phrase that gets everyone's attention. Be nice to him and don't play into his weird game. Now, if the situation gets worse, like he talks to you in an inappropriate way or he becomes physical, then I'd definitely talk to your professor about it.
  13. by   LoriRNCM
    I'm so not PC. I would be like, "Um, HELLO!!!! Give me a paper, please! JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  14. by   PD82
    He is acting like a grade school kid who is mean to a girl he has a crush on....If he behaves that way in nursing school, how is he going to act out on the unit? How annoying. Tell him to grow up and exhaust his energy on studying.

    With that said, you should try to not let it get to you. If anything, take it as a learning experience because when you start working as a nurse there WILL be people you don't "mesh" well with. ALWAYS. Nursing requires a thick skin for not only dealing with co-workers, but patients and their families as well.

    Don't this this guy distract you from nursing school. Good luck!!!! :-)