Nursing Magazines?

  1. does anyone subscribe to any nursing magazines? i am thinking about subscribing but there are quite a few out there. has anyone ever read nursing made incredibly easy magazine? just wondering if it's a good value. i've only seen it online and not in any book stores. i will be starting nursing school in fall 2006.

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  3. by   Daytonite
    over my 30 years of nursing there have been 3 nursing journals that i have subscribed to. nursing (+ whatever the current year is) is the one i have consistently subscribed to since i was a student nurse back in 1974. i've had to give boxes of these old journals away over the years (and now regret it). the other two are rn magazine and ajn (the american journal of nursing). i like rn a lot. it is primarily geared to the practicing hospital staff rn which i was for many years and is written so you can understand it. ajn is often too over my head and i've frequently dropped my subscription to it only to pick it up again. it's publication is controlled by the american nurses association so there's a lot of political news in it that impacts nursing. it's also aimed at the bsn nurse and many of it's articles are abbreviated versions of nursing research that has been done. nursing is published by lippincott who publishes all kinds of nursing textbooks and reference books. many of the articles are very helpful and informative, particularly for nursing students (as i learned back in 1974). i've given you links to lists of nursing magazines. i believe that all of them have online sites. many of the ce (continuing education) articles that appear in the journals, particularly in nursing 2006, are also available to read on line for free for a number of months. what i'm telling you is that many of the major ce articles you can print off yourself for free without having to buy the magazines. that is not true of all the articles that are printed in each issue however. i regularly peruse these ce offerings and bookmark informative articles that may be of help to the students on the forums to link into.

    i have just myself subscribed to this nursing made incredibly easy magazine and am waiting for my first copy. there is a link to it on the nursing site that you can try to see if they give you anything more specific about it. i suspect that it will be written in the style the books of the same line are. - this is the list of magazines on the nursing center website. i am not sure if these are just the nursing magazines that lippincott publishes. - nursing magazines published by advanstar
  4. by   WDWpixieRN
    I was just going to write and ask what the name of that magazine was that I saw online here a month or so ago....Nursing Made Incredibly Easy was it.....thanks!

    I understood it could be subscribed to via Amazon (or eBay?) for a reduced price, but don't remember what it was or if it's still to look!!

    Thanks again!
  5. by   CityKat
    I have nursing made incredibly easy. I have received 3 issues and so far so good
    It really is nursing made incredibly easy. I cannot wait to catch up on my two latest issues when I finish with finals. Mer personally, I think it is worth it. You get an issue every other month and it takes about 2 months for your first one to arrive. The ONLY thing I DON'T like about it is the fact that there are many magazine ordering ads. You know those paper sign in and mail in ads? Those, about 16 an issue. That is the only thing about the magazine I dislike. The information on disease and physiology is very simplified and it is fun too.
  6. by   Nat_gagui
    I have 2 subscription for the nursing magazine and being a newbie, i can say the i like the Nursing Made Incredibly Easy alot,it give me a lot to think about the topic. The AJN is a secondary choice to read, whenever the 2 magazine arrive together, i always read the Nursing Made Incredibly Easy first and then the AJN.

    Just my 2 cents
    Nat :yeahthat:
  7. by   Daytonite
    Just F.Y.I. . .I renewed some of my subscriptions and ordered a couple of new ones (including the nursing ones) through Barnes and Noble recently. Wasn't a problem. You can also order subscriptions throught the website links I listed.
  8. by   BeccaznRN
    I also subscribe to Nursing 2006. My patho instructor recommended this magazine to us and I love it. Lots of great information and articles!
  9. by   SH4NNON
    I'd have to pay 2x as much for these as I live in Canada. That sucks!!
    Anyone know of any good Canadian Nursing magazines?
  10. by   AllyRN82
    I have subscriptions for Nursing (+ whatever the year is), Nursing Made Easy, and AJN. I have about 50 magazines right now and my collection is building. They are all great investments. I have had to reference so many articles just in my first semester. I know they'll still prove valuable throughout my career! They each bring different ideas to the table so I think having subscriptions to each one is worth it.
  11. by   AllyRN82
    Quote from Daytonite
    Over my 30 years of nursing there have been 3 nursing journals that I have subscribed to. Nursing (+ whatever the current year is) is the one I have consistently subscribed to since I was a student nurse back in 1974. I've had to give boxes of these old journals away over the years (and now regret it).
    Oh wow! I wish I could have been the lucky recipient of those magazines!! I just love the information each magazine has. I'm addicted to learning. I can't wait for my collection to move to boxes!
  12. by   kayel
    Can anyone recommend some affordable Canadian nursing magazines on/offline as well?

    I went to the Nursing Made Incredibly Easy site and see that if I am a US student I can subscribe for approx. $20 BUT as a Canadian I don't have the option of student AND I would be required to pay approx. $54 for an individual subscription. Too bad!! It really sounds ridiculous to me but oh well. I did subscribe to some online articles there though.
  13. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I have a subscription to Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, AJN and awaiting my first copy to my new subscription of Nursing 2006.

    I have ordered all of my subscriptions through Ebay!

    I figured things may not help or even make since now, but eventually they may come in handy.
  14. by   ms mimi
    nursing 2006 is a really good one.