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  1. Ugh, my insomnia is killing me

    I am so happy to hear that I am not alone in this! All of my friends in nursing school fall asleep the minute they hit the pillow. Its so frustrating because they don't understand why I'm always tired. I have resorted to Ambien. I started out on Lun...
  2. Are all RN programs like this???

    Wow sounds like a bunch of S*** to me! Our school is definitely tough with the NCLEX Style questions on tests but we do not have near the amount of busy-work that your school is requiring of you. Our school is 77% to pass ATI is a part of our grade...
  3. Just got accepted and have some questions.

    That's a no-brainer... LPN's are being phased out... go straight for your RN.
  4. What suprised you most when you started clinicals?

    I am nearing the end of my first semester and what surprised me was pretty much the same as what others have listed: 1. It is sooooo boring. 3/4 of the time we stand around and talk to each other waiting for a call light to go off because we've alrea...
  5. starting school and need advice

    Yep, no need to read ahead. The teacher will tell you everything you need to know and will explain it much better than that big text book will. My teacher published an outline book so we didn't even have to take notes in class. We didn't read the big...
  6. Chemistry Help

    It really depends on your professor. We had a periodic table with us for each of the tests. Also, you will want to have your basic math skills down because our teacher got very angry at some of my classmates for not knowing basic math. He is a chemis...
  7. Our teacher only put things on the test from the text book so buying other supplements were not worth it. I would be spending so much time trying to decifer what was relevant to the material I was currently learning. In my opinion they are a waste of...
  8. Chemistry Help

    What we learned/used the most in the class is dimensional analysis. It is so easy but its a basic concept you have to master to get through the course. Here is a web site that might help if you are not already familiar with it. http://www.chemtutor....
  9. School question

    My ASN program is 72 credit hours total. About 30 or less credits were prereques.
  10. Rating your Professor

    I do not sign up for my classes unless I've read about the instructor on that site. I have had a couple problems with it but overall, I am a big fan. Before I heard about the web site I took a math class and loved the instructor. The following semest...
  11. 1st Anatomy class today

    I think it is doable if you are not working a full time job. You will want to make sure you stay on top of your studying. Get those flash cards ready! You really want to concentrate on this course and get an A.
  12. Me and my story,

    I would agree with the previous poster. If you want to do nursing there are so many schools out there that you can get into. There may be wait lists but you can get in. I finished my prereques in August 2005 and was accepted in September 2005 to begi...
  13. Im losing my interest while waiting for letter

    There are soooooo many threads on being nervous and second guessing yourself before school starts on this forum, especially under the general nursing student section. Sounds like it is completely normal to me and the only people who are ticked at you...
  14. Waiting list to a Nursing Program

    The private hospital college here doesn't have a wait list but my community college has a 1 year wait after prereques. The hospital program is about 3x as expensive and make you take religion classes so by the time you finish all those extra classes,...
  15. Hospital job with no experience???

    Shadowing is where you follow a nurse around for the day or for a few hours to see what they do. You usually have to sign a form for patient confidentiality (sp?). So it's just to get a feel for what a nurse does on a day to day basis. It is not like...

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