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  1. 0 Do you use a nurses watch or a regular watch with a second hand? My watch has a second hand but no lines to indicate the seconds. I think I would be better of with a nurses watch because they are so big and clear. Do you think it is worth extra money to buy one of these?
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    Any watch that is easy to read and enables you to easily count seconds will do -- doesn't have to be any kind of specialty watch ("nurses watch"??) or expensive.
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    I purchased an inexpensive 'nurse watch' from a uniform store which had a larger face and the second hand--easy to see, etc. I only wear this watch for clinicals -- don't want to use my regular everyday watches on clinicals -- yuck..although you wear gloves you still can get stuff splashed on you, etc. So maybe if you'd like you can buy an inexpensive watch that can be just for clinicals.
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    I have been using a Timex with a second hand. It works fine but I really want to get a watch with military time. It would save me a lot of aggrevation when trying to translate from regular time to military time and back.
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    I have a few of those plastic ones in assorted colors. All of them have second hands and my favorites have the "light-up" feature (I work eves). After having a couple of battery disasters, now I always have a spare. The plastic can discolor with time, but the nasty stuff wipes right off of it.
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    I bought a white Nursemate watch with a large face and red second hand. It was $25...which isn't too bad.

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    i, in no way, would wear my citizen to clinicals or work....

    so i went out and bought a $6 EZ to Read watch at walmart.

    so, if anything really funky gets on it, it could easily just be tossed!

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    I inherited a very expensive watch, and there was no way in heck I was going to wear that to clinicals. I bought a new "nurse-y" looking watch with big second hand.

    It's going to be weird wearing one though. I am NOT a watch-wearer at all! I've tried to become one many times, but just can't get used to them. No choice now! LOL
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    I bought my watch at Walmart. It is a Timex, called a "reader" because it has a white face, black numbers that are large. The second hand is important when doing vital signs, in my opinion. I also have a Lorus, big numbers, with a face that lights up automatically when in the dark. Both these watches cost < $30. Don't get the kind you have to use your other hand to push a button in order to light up the face. You need both hands sometimes to do patient care. Make sure your watch is water resistant.
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    I use a sports (Nike) watch that is digital and shows the seconds. works great!!
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    I've spent months looking for the 'perfect' nurse's watch for me! My criteria were that:

    1. Had to have a clear, fully numbered dial
    2. Had to have marks for the seconds,
    3. Had to have easy to read hands,
    4. Had to be water resistant (so I could wash off any yukkies - I want to be able to wear it in the shower, which will be my first 'stop' after coming home from clinicals LOL!)
    5. Had to have an expanding bracelet, so I could slip it on & off easily without fussing with a clip or buckle, and so I could push it up my arm for the messy jobs.
    6. HAD to show the date (I never know the date LOL!).

    I ended up finding it at Walmarts - it's a Timex, with a white face, gold numbers & second hand, black minute & hour hands and black second marks. It has a gold expanding bracelet strap. It was under $30.

    Good luck, Paint.
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    I use a digital Timex Rush watch. It has the date and other functions like alarms and timers. I use the alarm to remind me to call people off duty on low census days. I use the timer to go back and turn the suction on an ng tube 1 hour after giving a po med.

    I could never go back to an analog watch for vitals. I have one watch I keep in my locker just for work. Don't want no potentially gross stuff on my personal use watch.
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    Quote from LauraLou
    I have been using a Timex with a second hand. It works fine but I really want to get a watch with military time. It would save me a lot of aggrevation when trying to translate from regular time to military time and back.
    Just a tip for military time - simply add 12 to produce a military time if it's pm or subtract 12 if you have a time above noon that is foreign to you. Once you do it for a while it becomes second nature.