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  1. mel82

    LPN starting pay $26.50!

    I totally agree, most facilities in this area that pay over $25 will have you "caring" for over 50 patients. Impossible! Dangerous! Would not do it! I have 15 on day shift, and 30 on 3-11. Most of my pts aren't on that many meds, most treatments are done in am, and it is a very well run facility with a staff that generally works well together. Unfortunately, I think in my area this facility is in the minority.
  2. mel82

    Very upset and depressed...almost got fired

    How can you not have access to a pharmacy on the weekend?
  3. mel82

    Advance for Nurses

    Will the BON accept CEUs from the courses in Advance for Nurses for the licensure renewal 30 hours? Thanks!
  4. mel82

    Influenza A

    I appreciate everyone's responses, however the actual homework (extra credit) question is what does the "A" stand for? Thanks
  5. mel82

    Influenza A

    This is probably a stupid question, but what does the "A" in Influenza A stand for? Specifically in AH5N1 (Avian Flu) Thanks, Melanie
  6. mel82

    Influenza A

    This is probably a stupid question, but what does the "A" in influenza A stand for? More specifically when referring to AH5N1 (Avian Flu) Thanks, Melanie
  7. Hello, I just got my LPN license last week. I thought I would let you all know thatmy course was just as intense as you are describing. But, after the first four months it slowed down to a very manageable pace. Keep your heads up and don't fall behind. Their is a light at the end of the tunnel, after all your hard work you will be a nurse. Melanie, LPN (finally!)
  8. mel82

    What is subacute like?

    For those of you in subacute care, what is your day like? What kinds of patients do you care for? I know every place is different. I have only spoken to human resources at the job I am considering, so I didn't get to ask those questions. Please share any tips/advice you have for a nervous new grad. Thanks, Melanie, LPN (finally!)
  9. I was offered a job today in a brand new (opening next week) subacute unit of a LTC facility. I am a brand new grad, I passed the boards last Friday. The pay is $21.00 per hour for day shift with benefits. They have a 25 patient capacity. The ratio is 2 nurses (1 RN and 1 LPN) with 3 CNAs. In my area (Northwest NJ) you can not get a job in a hospital as an LPN. I think this job would give me very good experience. It is about 30 minutes from my home. Do you think this is a good job for a new grad to take? Thanks, Melanie, LPN (finally!)
  10. I just took the NCLEX-PN and answered the minimum of 85 questions. I walked out feeling like I didn't know anything. I won't find out until Monday morning. I don't know anyone who failed with 85 questions. Does anyone know anyone who failed with the minimum? -Melanie (hopefully LPN)
  11. mel82

    How soon can you work?

    I graduated (LPN) 7/28/05 in NJ. I am taking the NCLEX on 8/26/05. If I pass I would know by Monday or Tuesday. Does anyone know if you can get a job with the results of the NCLEX or do you have to wait for the license to come in the mail?
  12. mel82

    St. Clares Health System

    Does anyone know anything about St. Clares in northern NJ? I applied there today (LPN). Thanks, Melanie
  13. mel82

    Preparing in advance

    Did you take clinical courses (Fundamentals, OB, Peds, Med/Surg) or just gen-ed and science courses? I don't see how you could have a degree in nursing without these courses. If you did take these courses you can take the NCLEX and become an RN and then complete a RN-BSN program.
  14. mel82

    So it starts in August!!!!!

    Congratulations on being accepted! I am graduating from LPN school in 29 days! I suggest getting a head start on learning the different types of medications. My school did not spend enough time on medications. Good Luck...
  15. mel82

    Help with my options

    Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I'm from NJ (near County College of Morris). You can not get in to their nursing program without having all the pre-req's done. They have a very long competitive waiting list. I am 5 weeks from graduating as an LPN. I went this route because of how hard it is to get into nursing school around here. All schools will require those courses at some point, you might as well stay were you are. Melanie, GPN in 29 days!
  16. mel82

    What was the cost of your LPN school

    $3,895.00 includes tuition, books, uniform and malpractice insurance (this is a technical school in NJ) Melanie, LPN in 6 weeks!