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    My husband said that he doesn't think nursing school is going to be as hard as I think it will be.

    This was said after I told him come this fall he'd have to help with laundry/cooking dinner/taking kids to school.

    Sink or swim, husband. Sink or swim.
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    LOL - hang in there!

    Each time I returned to school, I had the same conversation with hubs. Handed over a lot of childcare duties when I returned for BSN. When I went for MSN, he took over laundry & most grocery shopping.... and I never took it back . Turns out he (purchasing agent) was much better organized and systematic ... a vast improvement from my technique.

    Of course, there were incentives. With the increased income, "we" bought a ski boat & other nice man-toys.
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    Your husband too? Sheesh must be in the water!
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    My husband is retired and does all the house stuff because I work full-time (except for the time I spend here on AN....). There is nothing inherently male or female about running a machine of any kind-- lawn mower, washing, sewing, or any other machine. And he's much better at laundry than I am, too.

    There are ways to do positive reinforcement, too.
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    Haha. Oh men. Stephanie, your husband will learn with time - like when suddenly there's no food or clean clothes, and he realizes the kids haven't been to school in three weeks. :-P

    My darling boyfriend would normally tell me the same thing, but luckily, he studied mechanical engineering, so he gets the trading-your-life-for-your-schoolin' thing. And THANK ALL THAT IS HOLY, he told me he would be more than happy to cook, clean the bathroom, and other crap while I'm in school - mind you, we don't even live together right now. Definite keeper.
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    Sadly I've given my hubs the impression that my schooling hasn't been tough these past 2.5 years Ive managed to get my homework and studies done along with the everyday life stuff before he gets home. Maybe I'm over thinking how much time NS will consume but I don't plan on going through it barely getting by.
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    Oh my dear husband has no idea of all that I do in a given day. We have 5 children (4, 5, 6, 9 and 12) and he thinks it's going to be a break to stay home and take care of the family during the summer(he's a teacher). BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
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    Oh husbands! I just had this conversation with my husband. When I mentioned to him that he is going to have to step up and fold some laundry, help kids with homework, or god forbid cook dinner, he kind of just smiled and nodded When he worked fewer hours than he does now he was great with housework, but I think he forgot what helping out feels like.

    They don't realize how great they have it with a wife that stays at home! Come September its either step up, or don't complain about no clean socks and sandwiches for dinner
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    husbands sure are silly
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    Lol yup. When I have this conversation with my husband he nods and says sure sure I know. Ya ya, I got ya. It sort of amuses me to think about what it's going to end up being like.

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