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Are you required to buy a lab coat for your program? I'm really just curious because it never crossed my mind that I would need one, and I've never seen a nurse wearing one. Do you wear it for clinicals? I'm just a little... Read More

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    My program that I am starting in the fall we are required to get a lab coat, I didn't know this prior to them telling me either! Good luck!

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    We had lab coats in school and at one of the hospitals where I worked. At least, the Navy could wear them. I was always jealous because I tend to be cold and I'd never turn down an extra layer!
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    My school requires them, too.
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    We have them but I have never seen anyone wear one nor know anyone who ordered them. I see instructors with them. Some nurses will wear them in the ER because it's cold.
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    Quote from sgort201
    We are required to purchase lab coats. The only time we use them is for clinical prep. We cannot wear our scrubs since we are not actually on the floor but they identify us to the staff as people who can be using the computers.

    Same here.
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    Are you guys talking about lab coats, or nursing jackets?

    Lab coat:
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    Nursing Jacket:
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    It's all about the length

    At my school, you can get a nursing jacket (white) if you want, but it's not very lab coat looking.
    We are forbidden to wear our clinical uniforms to the college (they have germs on them)
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    All of this is very interesting. It feels like such a waste of money, but oh well.

    And yes, ours are actual lab coats, not nurse jackets.
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    My program gave us lab coats to wear in the class just in case it got cold because we werent supposed to wear regular jackets although we still did and to wear on clinicals but none of us ever worn them except one girl in my class. To me they were a waste of money and many nurses dont wear lab coats
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    My LPN program had a lab coat that you were required to purchase along with the scrub set. The lab coat was not white, it was the color of the scrubs (ceil blue).

    My RN program did not have a lab coat and you could not wear one on the floor.
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    Quote from blackvans1234
    Are you guys talking about lab coats, or nursing jackets?

    We're required to get a lab coat -- just like the doctors wear.

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