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I am starting my first nursing class in 2 weeks. Just spent almost $600 for the privilege of carrying three enormous textbooks on my back and barreling through them in 8 weeks. As I'm checking out, the cashier reminds me that our... Read More

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    Where do you look to find free digital copies of textbooks? I've always had to buy them electronically and they STILL seem to be quite expensive (Biochem $150).

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    Quote from rubato
    As for the weight, I dismantled my big med/surg book. I 3-hole punched it and put it in a 2 inch binder. I just bring the parts I need. Saved my back big time.
    This. Is. GENUIS!!!!
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    In the future, buy textbooks online at a site like half.com and then sell them back when you're done with them. You can more or less break even. I even made some money off a few books in school.
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    I rented my pre req books except for my anatomy stuff as I heard they will be useful for med surg. However, we reuse a lot of our text books so it would be too much trouble for me and more costly to rent the same books each semester.

    They give use new supplies to use so luckily we don't have to buy our stuff in kits.

    I never buy from the book store because I found amazon is at least 30 cheaper and that is just for new books. Prime membership gives you two day free shipping too!

    Good luck in school!
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    Quote from nekozuki
    Ugh, and editions update so fast you can barely resell before they are irrelevent! What's worse is that many courses now require you to have online access, so any used book doesn't include a new activation code! My wallet weeps!
    Yep...many of my courses have an online assignment component (Prep U) that goes along with the book. Even if you buy the book used or rent it, you still need to pony up extra bucks for the online access.
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    Try bookbyte.com
    I have found some books there very cheap and they ship fast. But you have to be quick! They go fast.
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    Try bigwords.com, you type in the ISBN, title, or author & it provides you with cheapest prices from all sites (amazon, chegg, bookbyte, etc.) It saves you from having to search & compare.
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    Thank God my books are included in my tuition
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    Quote from CLUVLPN
    Thank God my books are included in my tuition

    Well....that's how it is for my husband. The problem....they overcharged for them and he would have been better off buying from amazon.
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    I just bought my A&P books and my math book, $645 OUCH!

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