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Just bought my textbooks - a mini-grumbling session - page 3

I am starting my first nursing class in 2 weeks. Just spent almost $600 for the privilege of carrying three enormous textbooks on my back and barreling through them in 8 weeks. As I'm checking out,... Read More

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    Try bigwords.com, you type in the ISBN, title, or author & it provides you with cheapest prices from all sites (amazon, chegg, bookbyte, etc.) It saves you from having to search & compare.
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    Thank God my books are included in my tuition
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    Quote from CLUVLPN
    Thank God my books are included in my tuition

    Well....that's how it is for my husband. The problem....they overcharged for them and he would have been better off buying from amazon.
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    I just bought my A&P books and my math book, $645 OUCH!
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    We have 16 required text books, 23 if you buy all the "recommended but not required" books. I just checked the prices and it's going to run about $1,500 just for the 16 minimum.

    The good news is that we'll use most of these books all 4 semesters, so the cost averages out. But there are still additional books down the road that are going to cost quite a bit. I knew this was coming, but still have sticker shock!
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    I didn't read all the comments, but we used our books thru-out the entire program. Everything built on each other, so I found myself referencing all of my books, all the time.
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    For my first semester, my books weren't that bad. There were about 17 I bought (including the "recommended" supplements), and it cost me about $610 after I shopped around. It's still a lot of money, but I have spent more than that on just 3-4 books for some of my pre-reqs.
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    Idk what my books will cost yet, but fortunately I have a friend who just graduated from the program im about to start. She is going to give me her books, bless her heart! I found out today how much fall semester is going to cost, and it is DOUBLE what I anticipated! The fees add up to the same amount as the tuition, it's insane! I'm still reeling from that sticker shock.
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    $600 is a lot! I don't think I ever paid more than $200 for my textbooks, and most semesters it was under $100. I rented or bought used from Amazon, though. Full price for my textbooks probably would have been $600!
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    Quote from adc85
    The fees add up to the same amount as the tuition, it's insane! I'm still reeling from that sticker shock.
    I hear ya! Our nursing course is 9 credits, but they bill you for 15.5 credits. And then there's a $1950 fee for the course on top of the tuition!!! The fee is more expensive than the tuition! Plus you have to pay $5 per billing hour to the school on top of that. It's ridiculous!!!
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    The best website, by far, that Ive found is DIRECTTEXTBOOK.COM... It searches all of the websites suggested by others and there are options to store/keep track of your booklist, search previous/international editions (which I've used and ok'd by teachers) and forward your lists/book prices to others who might benefit

    Shop for Used Textbooks, New Textbooks, Rental Textbooks & eBooks: Direct Textbook
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    Do you have to buy the textbooks at the bookstore? I have saved a lot of money buying online (both new and used texts).

    I also get all supplies online (usually ebay or amazon) unless the school absolutely specifies that I have to buy it at one of their places (say with the uniforms).
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    Quote from smoup
    I buy from amazon.com It saves me a LOT of money.
    I prefer to buy from amazon, but then if the school bundles crap into it we HAVE to buy from them. Lame sauce.