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SWM2009 has 2 years experience and specializes in LTC.


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  1. SWM2009

    04/09 WILTW: Confused LOLs

    I learned that I posted my WILTW post on last week's thread. That's what I get for posting after a sleepless night. I learned that I really do love AN.
  2. SWM2009

    What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    Feet, anything to do with feet. Also respiratory secretions, I am one of the many who hates suctioning. I couldn't even use those bulb syringes to suction the snot out of my babies noses when they had colds without gagging. Blech.
  3. SWM2009

    The film: Vaxxed.

    First world problems for sure. I am an immigrant from one such country and I can not fathom choosing to not vaccinate my children. I just can't. It is truly mind boggling.
  4. SWM2009

    4/2 WILTW: Disney Edition

    ixchel, I am sending you good wishes and thoughts and prayers (if that's ok). I am so sorry things are so tough for you right now.
  5. SWM2009

    4/2 WILTW: Disney Edition

    So sorry things have been so tough at work. The reason I stay at the LTC where I work, even though I would earn more at other nearby facilities, is because of my DON/ADON. They are amazing. I have worked for crappy bosses/managers in my non-nursing days and it sucked. Good luck and I hope you get that condo on the beach.
  6. SWM2009

    4/2 WILTW: Disney Edition

    I learned that I am in awe of the many intelligent and smart posters in that monstrous vaccine thread who are fighting the pseudo science and other nonsense with actual science and a lot of patience. Kudos to all of them, they rock. I learned that I have the best boss ever and my co-workers are the best. I had the worst week of my career as a nurse. I can't be too specific about what happened as I suspect some folks where I work read AN but lets just say it involved a nurse (me), an orientee, and a major med error that led to the harm of a resident. Thankfully the resident is fine now but I am still in shock that I let it happen. My boss was very understanding and is using the incident as a teachable moment and an opportunity to improve systems so that such an error never happens again. My co-workers have been very supportive. I am still rattled and having nightmares about the whole thing.
  7. SWM2009

    LTC is Great

    Thank you so much for this post. Much appreciated by this LTC nurse.
  8. I learned that I will be able to swing a part-time schedule this summer financially and my boss has given me the OK. I will also not be taking any summer classes. I have made plans to travel overseas with my girls during the summer. I am excited. I learned that some co-workers will straight up lie doing something when they didn't. I mean, why tell me you were able to straight cath a resident and collect a urine sample when you did not? Or that a particular order you received from the MD has been carried out and ordered from pharmacy when it has not?? Or claim that you don't know how to do something because you were not trained on how to do it which is clearly a lie because I was one of the nurses who trained you? And even if that were the case, there is always at least one other nurse in the building so why didn't you ask them? Or read the facility manual? I don't get it. So frustrating. I learned that I am very protective of my specialty, LTC, and I need to skip some of the posts about it here for my sanity. It is not a crime to hate LTC but my goodness I get overwhelmed with all the negativity about it. Oh well.
  9. SWM2009

    Nervous about Working As A LPN

    Congratulations . I wish you well in your new job. I was very nervous as well in the beginning but 2 years in my confidence and knowledge have grown greatly.
  10. SWM2009

    LTC's are a joke

    I wish I could like this a thousand times. Thank you my fellow LTC nurse for this.
  11. SWM2009

    The worst job you had before becoming a Nurse?

    No tell motel maid.
  12. SWM2009

    What It Means to Me

    This is such an inspiring article. Kudos and all the best to you in your nursing and education endeavours.
  13. SWM2009

    How long is your commute?

    5 minutes....I love it. I have previously commuted 45-90 minutes one way for other jobs in the past. I do miss the decompression time I had with longer commutes.
  14. Thank you for the suggestions and the good luck wishes. I am trying not to dread going to work on Monday and hoping the weekend off will replenish my supply of patience.
  15. In high school I was once unprepared and did not have tampons so I went to the nurse. All she had were these gigantic pads and I asked if she had tampons. I got a 20 minute lecture on why girls should not wear tampons because virginity and how I would be robbing my future husband of pleasure...yeah I was mortified. All that to say I would have loved a school nurse like you Farawyn.

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