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  1. SWM2009

    Nurse's Week Gifts from Employers

    Special meals each day for each shift, t-shirts, bags, personalized thank you card, $$.
  2. This week I discovered the joys of compression socks.
  3. SWM2009

    Almost there!

    Congratulations on your accomplishment. Good luck with NCLEX.
  4. While I work in a facility where management occasionally works the cart when they absolutely can't find coverage for a shift, I find this article completely unrealistic. What utopia healthcare facilities do these authors work at?
  5. SWM2009

    Yellow Sashes for Med Passes

    I work in LTC and no thank you to sashes of any kind. IMO, they are ridiculous in any setting.
  6. SWM2009

    Are you jealous of other nurses jobs/abilities?

    In a word, no.
  7. ixchel, I am sending quick recovery wishes your way. I learned that a friend gave my name to the DON at the facility where she works and now that DON will not stop sending emails asking me to go and meet with her. It is a great facility, not for profit, has had amazing surveys last couple of years. The pay is also higher than what I am getting at my current facility. The cons - longer commute 30 minutes vs the 4 minutes I have now, PM shift (have I mentioned how much I hate the 2-10 shift?), and less flexibility with schedule which will mess with my schooling. In other words, I am not changing jobs but it is nice to be wanted. I learned that as hard as these past 5 years of being a widow have been, I am blessed. My girls and I survived and are in fact thriving. We miss DH dearly but we are ok.
  8. SWM2009

    What offends you (nursing related)?

    The "nobody trained me/showed me how to do this or that" excuse to not doing your job especially when you've been working at the facility a year! Being told in report how a resident is so so sick and has been declining since the reporting nurse started their shift and when you ask "did you call the doctor?" the nurse reporting says no. So then you ask "are you going to call the doctor" and they say they were going to endorse that to the next shift, meaning you.
  9. SWM2009

    04/09 WILTW: Confused LOLs

    I learned that I posted my WILTW post on last week's thread. That's what I get for posting after a sleepless night. I learned that I really do love AN.
  10. SWM2009

    What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    Feet, anything to do with feet. Also respiratory secretions, I am one of the many who hates suctioning. I couldn't even use those bulb syringes to suction the snot out of my babies noses when they had colds without gagging. Blech.
  11. SWM2009

    The film: Vaxxed.

    First world problems for sure. I am an immigrant from one such country and I can not fathom choosing to not vaccinate my children. I just can't. It is truly mind boggling.
  12. SWM2009

    4/2 WILTW: Disney Edition

    ixchel, I am sending you good wishes and thoughts and prayers (if that's ok). I am so sorry things are so tough for you right now.
  13. SWM2009

    4/2 WILTW: Disney Edition

    So sorry things have been so tough at work. The reason I stay at the LTC where I work, even though I would earn more at other nearby facilities, is because of my DON/ADON. They are amazing. I have worked for crappy bosses/managers in my non-nursing days and it sucked. Good luck and I hope you get that condo on the beach.
  14. SWM2009

    4/2 WILTW: Disney Edition

    I learned that I am in awe of the many intelligent and smart posters in that monstrous vaccine thread who are fighting the pseudo science and other nonsense with actual science and a lot of patience. Kudos to all of them, they rock. I learned that I have the best boss ever and my co-workers are the best. I had the worst week of my career as a nurse. I can't be too specific about what happened as I suspect some folks where I work read AN but lets just say it involved a nurse (me), an orientee, and a major med error that led to the harm of a resident. Thankfully the resident is fine now but I am still in shock that I let it happen. My boss was very understanding and is using the incident as a teachable moment and an opportunity to improve systems so that such an error never happens again. My co-workers have been very supportive. I am still rattled and having nightmares about the whole thing.
  15. SWM2009

    LTC is Great

    Thank you so much for this post. Much appreciated by this LTC nurse.