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So I just "completed" my first semester in my ADN program, a fundamentals of nursing class. It's a NINE (9!!!!) credit hour class and I got a C in it 1 point away from a B. I am a 4.0 student, you... Read More

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    It will hurt, no doubt. However, there are ways around that in the future. First things first.

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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    It will hurt, no doubt. However, there are ways around that in the future. First things first.
    so I have a slim chance of a masters program now?
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    Seriously you're being pretty extreme. Yes, it sucks but one class isn't going to make your GPA that bad. I mean you're going to have to get your BSN and then apply to grad school. You have time to make your GPA go up for the whole rest of your program and when you do your BSN. Getting A's in nursing school I think is harder then a regular class but definately not impossible, I've managed many A's so far.
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    Quote from Nolander
    so I have a slim chance of a masters program now?
    I think you are getting way ahead of yourself. Get through nursing school first. You may get through and decide what you think you want to do in the future isn't what you really want. Who knows where the future will bring you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get an A, but I sure as hell wouldn't quit nursing school because I got a C in one course.

    Maybe it's because I'm older, but my focus is no longer on As. I don't care about that so much any more. I care whether I am learning something. I can't tell you how many classes that I got a perfect A in and didn't learn a darn thing. I would much rather get a C now and actually learn something than get an A and learn nothing. I'd push hard to learn as much as you can, pass school and be the best nurse you can be. Worry about everything else later.
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    I haven't started yet myself, and I also have aspirations for the future. I hope to become a CNM one day. My current GPA is 3.9. That being said, if you become too grade focused you are going to stress yourself out, and that will hurt you more honestly. Stress can and will overwhelm you if you try so hard to achieve A's that you don't take care of yourself. There is more to nursing than your grades on tests and like pp states, a pt will not give a rip about whether you got A's or C's as long as you passed the NCLEX. It's great that you have plans for the future, because those ARE important. Just don't let tomorrow become more important than today.
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    You have PLENTY of courses coming that will balance you out. Fundamentals is hard. I also got a C in that course, it was hard to swallow, but I went on to get A's and B's in everything else, and I'm now a balanced out B student. Take it as it comes, and don't get too down on yourself about this. When it happened to me I didn't think I'd be able to recover from it, to be successful in my program, but that just wasn't true.
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    What do you call a nurse that got C's in college? --- "nurse"

    I am still waiting for junior year to start, so actual nursing classes haven't started for me yet. I have 120+ Credits in freshman and sophomore classes and a 3.67 gpa. I do not expect to make any A's in my nursing courses. A's are for super over achievers who are near experts. I've taken English, science, math, etc classes my whole life, so those college courses were a breeze to get a's and b's in. C's are an average grade, and I expect to be average in my nursing courses.

    All I'm saying is, a's are the exception, not the norm, once you take away grade inflation.
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    I wouldn't freak out over a C. Honestly there have been people in my class who would have killed to have a C, then they'd still actually be in the program (C = 80 - 85, B = 86 - 92, A = 93 - 100). Anything under a C is failing in my program. Just try to get through it and worry about the rest later. Like others have said your grades will probably improve as you get used to the program. Nursing school is a whole other ball game. Most people aren't completely prepared for it. Honestly I probably would have failed out by now if I wasn't already an LPN and had an idea of what nursing school entails. Even now I'm only getting an 83%. We started with 95 people a year ago and out of that original 95 we have less than 45 and I know several of them aren't going to pass this class when it ends in 2 weeks (and even then we'll only be halfway through the program).

    Just try your hardest, keep trying to improve, and plan things one step at a time. Get through the program, THEN worry about grad school. Believe me you'll stress yourself out trying to worry about too much at once. Nursing school alone is stressful enough without worrying about post-grad degrees. Good luck!
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    Good luck .. though i will give 1 piece of advice: DO NOT GIVE UP.
    Once you've believe/accepted in your mind that you can't do it then its guaranteed that you will not be able to do it and you will fail. That was the difference between me and the classmates who didn't pass. I believed that with enough hard work anything is possible. Me passing the "Weed Out" course (medsurg) proved that true. Anyways just know that the amount of effort you put in to getting that "C" is and would be an "A+" in any non nursing class.

    Why do you think NCLEX is pass or fail? The graduate with "2.0" is just as qualified to provide safe patient care as the "4.0". Once you get your RN license you can do RN-BSN and then BSN-MSN. Also post RN school isn't admit by straight GPA they require personal essay too.

    Anyways as others stated, "Don't worry about NP school, focus on passing your classes first and GPA can come later." there's no NP if you can't graduate from ADN.

    You'll have to answer that yourself .. if you just want a masters degree in any thing vs. a masters in nursing. There's nothing easy in life, and Anything that's worth it is going to be hard. So good luck and study hard.
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    Chance of getting into graduate school if you quit? 0%

    Chance of getting into graduate school if you keep going? Better than 0%

    Don't like your grade? Do better. Its that simple.
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