immature nursing students

  1. I saw a comment from a 21 y/o nursing student to another 27 y/o nursing student on a webpage. It really bothered me because the 21 y/o pretty much stated "you're 27? what were you doing all this time? I already took my pre reqs blah blah blah." This bothered me because the commenter is a future nurse. She supposedly is in a nursing program and look at how judgmental and ignorant she is being! I think her comment shows a lack of maturity and is so rude. Honestly, I wonder how many students are really at this level of maturity. How are they going to react when they have to deal with an older patient and bodily functions? Will they be able to handle that? And if they do succeed in passing nursing school what type of nurse will they be? This just bothers me and I really don't need comments but I guess what I am trying to say is I like to hold a lot of faith in the integrity of medical professionals. I expect them to be just that, professional . If I recognized a nurse or doctor or PT/Ot/Rt/CNA etc at a random location acting like a 12 y/o I would just wonder how they got to their position. I think admission committees should do character background checks. There are so many good students being turned away and unfortunately some bad appels being accepted.
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  3. by   ghillbert
    I don't know that you can judge someone's character or call them a "bad apple" for that comment - that's rather judgmental of you...

    21yo's are notoriously immature, it's not really a surprise. It's also difficult to read people's tone of voice over the internet - maybe he/she didn't realize you could do nursing as an older student etc etc.

    The worst interpretation is not necessarily the true one.
  4. by   LyndzBenz
    We had a few of these in my nursing classes. They were either weeded out or they were enlightened. Some may have eventually made it through, but they ended up failing the first semester or so because they didn't take nursing seriously. I know of a few who did this and they got smart, grew up, and got on the ball. It is only because they aren't the one being criticized. Nursing teachers have a wonderful way of giving constructive criticism to redirect these "immature" ones. I remember a girl in my first year of nursing school that was totally aggressive and immature. She would argue with the teachers, argue with fellow students (also making fun of most of them), and just didn't take things seriously. It was like she didn't figure out that high school ends when you get into college. Needless to say, she failed two semesters, got kicked out of nursing school, and ended up going over the teacher's heads about her grades. I don't know what happened to her. But I do know that all of those she had made fun of ended up passing all of their classes, and eventually passed their boards. So, the universe does come around to those who dish out. Not saying that she deserved it, but she could have changed her mindset.
  5. by   rachelgeorgina
    Most of us (here in Australia) start uni (i.e. nursing school) between the ages of 18-20... does that make them all immature?
  6. by   sandnnw
    You'll find that maturity is relative to your workplace, peers and the situation. I still find some 40-50 y/o's that surprise me! Not sure that nursing school really has much to do with it. Army basic training sure did wonders for me though. Best of luck!
  7. by   Tweety
    In med-surg I worked with a lot of 20-somethings. They are extremely hard workers, buying homes, starting families. When the do-do hits the fan they are there. They amaze me.

    Sure there is some immaturity. You're going to find that everywhere.

    Speaking of judgemental, how can you judge a person based on one thing they said to someone else?
  8. by   Chapis
    i think that writing is an expresion of who we are, and what we think, and feel. if the comment was close to what you wrote, she seemed to be talking down on the other person for being 27. but that's just my opinion. you could've asked her why she said what she said to the other person and gotten a clarification from that 21 yr. old student instead of assuming she's all just plane immature.
  9. by   sproeber89
    I'm the youngest in our program right now at the age of 19. I am constantly having the classmates that are older than me make snide comments. Talking about how I have 'no responsibilities' because I'm not a wife and mother. Not all younger people are immature, I try to carry myself in a very professional manner when at school, clinicals and work. I don't let them see my 'age' and usually my patients ask me if I'm married with kids etc. It's because I try and just act like a person, not my age.
  10. by   sis N
    Age is nothing but a number .from the fullness of the heart the mouth speakable
  11. by   bananabubbletea
    i am not saying anyone between a certain age group is immature. At that age I had a lot of growing up to do. I am not here to stereotype so please don't take it that way. I just don't like when older students are discriminated against because of their age. Honestly some of them might feel uncomfortable at first because of their age and seeing/hearing someone react like that bothers me.
  12. by   bananabubbletea
    Also I am 25, I am not trying to disrespect anyone who is younger. That would be rather ironic.
  13. by   9livesRN
    age is a number, atitude is what differs you from the others!!!
  14. by   DaFreak71
    I think the bigger question is: why are you so concerned about what someone said to someone else? I get the impression that you are assuming if someone says something that smacks of being "uncaring" that you assume they won't be good nurses/ill prepared to be a nurse.

    I think developing a thicker skin would help to let these comments (which really aren't any of your business anyway) roll of your back. This "OMG can you believe so and so said this to/about someone" mentality has potential to set you up for getting involved in the drama that can plague nursing at times.