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I saw a comment from a 21 y/o nursing student to another 27 y/o nursing student on a webpage. It really bothered me because the 21 y/o pretty much stated "you're 27? what were you doing all this time? I already took my pre reqs... Read More

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    Have you guys realized how old this thread is?

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    Quote from kgh31386
    Have you guys realized how old this thread is?
    Oh my... LOL... Hopefully no one else notices...
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    It will be our little secret, no one has to know
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    2 years, still immature...I've replied to these without looking at the dates, kinda funny
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    I finished my BSN at 21, not immature so much as totally naive! Oh my did I blush a lot my grad year (yes I'd been an LTC aide, but still).

    Classroom dynamics are very interesting to watch. My younger students are not always the problematic ones, I've found that age has less to do with it than attitude does.

    Funny how old threads pop up like this, wonder how people find them to respond to?
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    Quote from bananabubbletea
    i am not saying anyone between a certain age group is immature. At that age I had a lot of growing up to do. I am not here to stereotype so please don't take it that way. I just don't like when older students are discriminated against because of their age. Honestly some of them might feel uncomfortable at first because of their age and seeing/hearing someone react like that bothers me.
    A lot of the people I know who are nurses started nursing school in their mid to late 30s.

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