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I am a teacher assistant at a school that has a high population of special needs students.

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  1. caregiver1977

    It's August!! Who is going back soon??

    My district starts for students Aug. 10. This is almost a week later than usual.
  2. caregiver1977

    It's not my job to pray with you.

    I just want to point out that there is a difference between praying aloud in behalf of a patient and standing silently while someone else prays. I don't think a nurse should be forced to do either, IMO. I don't pledge allegiance to the US flag, or any flag. I would hate it if my job forced me.
  3. caregiver1977

    Birthday Treats

    My school allows treats, but they can only be store bought. There is a seafood ban at my school, but it was so poorly enforced that most people didn't even know about it. But you asked about birthday treats. .. I work at a school, but not as a nurse. I come here because I sometimes work with special needs students. Frankly, I don't know how a school can accommodate everyone's dietary needs without starving everyone.
  4. caregiver1977

    Do you keep clothes in your office?

    This is just a question, where do these students go? I am not disagreeing with your policy, btw, just asking a question. I would say that I hope it is somewhere where the student isn't "on display."
  5. caregiver1977

    The most ridiculous birth plans you've had the pleasure of reading

    Ok, stop the press... You mean they actually asked for 7 orgasms!!! I'm sorry, but didn't that patient just sexually harrass the nurse, the nursing staff, or whomever the request was aimed at? What if this had been a man asking for 7 orgasms in order to "relax?" I may be overreacting, but I think that was totally inappropriate. But for the record, I did do that myself during a couple of my labors (and I think it worked well), but I didn't ASK anyone else to do it!!
  6. caregiver1977

    Poopy Pants in PreK

    In my school district, the problem is more of WHAT will the child change into rather than WHO will change the child. In my school district I have witnessed the teacher assistant helping to clean up a child, but this is SPED. I honestly don't know what they do for a regular ed child that has a BM accident that they can't handle themselves.
  7. caregiver1977

    student with terminally-ill parent

    I am just glad you care enough to help. My dad became terminal when I was about 2nd grade and died the summer before I entered 7th grade. Through all that time the school(s) couldn't have cared less.
  8. caregiver1977

    I'm Not Flaky, Lazy, Or Stupid...

    I have 1st grade students that act like this. How can I help them? I would appreciate insight from someone who is dealing with this issue.
  9. caregiver1977

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Kache Money No joke. Yes, it is pronounced Cash Money. Somebody has been watching too much BET...
  10. caregiver1977

    The most ridiculous birth plans you've had the pleasure of reading

    I am glad you have that attitude. Some nurses do not. I think your hospital is more progessive than the local one in my area.
  11. caregiver1977

    Food insecurity in your schools?

    Sometimes teachers or teacher assistants just bought food for a hungry kid at the school where I worked. We didn't want them to starve all day while decisionmakers haggled over what to do. This didn't happen often.
  12. caregiver1977

    The most ridiculous birth plans you've had the pleasure of reading

    The only minor problem I have with continuous EFM is that it doesn't give you chance to go to the bathroom exactly when you need to. Sometimes when you are laboring, things happen too fast for a nurse to get there with a bedpan in time (and how comfortable can a laboring woman really get on a bedpan). This is bad enough when the nurses are understanding about it, but some of them are not and make a patient feel bad about what couldn't be helped. I think that is unacceptable. It was a NST that helped save my youngest son's life, and I would rather have nurses ****** off that I crapped the bed than have a dead baby.
  13. caregiver1977

    The most ridiculous birth plans you've had the pleasure of reading

    Oh I am certainly not saying that all Caucasian patients are being treated great, but minorities tend to be treated worse (am I not saying all the time). Some of the shabby treatment I pointed out was actually done by black healthcare professionals!!! During my c-section, there was a Caucasian nurse that did such a wonderful job that I made sure the hospital and her supervisor knew just how great she was.
  14. caregiver1977

    B/P and Seizures

    You are right, and the people who have said that I was probably closer than what I thought to a seizure. I really should not have waited until Monday to go to the doctor; I should have gone to the ER. I didn't know better (then).
  15. caregiver1977

    The most ridiculous birth plans you've had the pleasure of reading

    Okay, I have to bite...what is so ignorant about what I said? Just because you have never seen it happen?