I need money for Nursing School

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    Okay so I got a sure spot at WCU but I went to a few other colleges this year so some of my FASFA money ran out I can't seem to get a cosigner cuz every one in my family went bankrupt. I need money fast, I do work for a CNA agency but I barely started last August I've been trying to get a job with a hospital so I can get a hospital scholarship. I need money quick and I need a cosigner for private loans so any other suggestions. Do you know any place that is just going to give me money?

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    If you're referring to West Coast University, you're looking at an astronomical tuition, right? Sorry - but there is basically no chance for this. Student loans are an area of increasing default rates, particularly for commercial (for profit) schools like this one. Lenders are not willing to take any chances.
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    Look for scholarships and grants. Other than that, no, no one just "gives out" money. I graduated 6 years ago and still have over $40K to pay back in student loans.
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    Are there any cheaper choices out there? Otherwise look for grants and scholarships, but like the above poster said no one is just going to give you money.
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    Most hospital scholarships and tuition reimbursement, you must work there at least a year.

    Talk to your advisor. Good luck
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    No one is just going to give you astronomical amounts of money. Even hospitals I know off who offer help with tuition are giving tuition reimbursement - meaning you have to pay for it up front somehow.

    I'm sure WCU has rolling admissions. Perhaps you should just slow down and do what's realistic.
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    I work at a hospital that offers Tuition Reimbursement. It pays tuition, books, and fees so it doesn't pay for uniforms, any blood work I have to have done, any drug testing, or any additional study guides I buy. I have to pass my class and have to submit paperwork every semester with receipts and a transcript. It pays up to a combined $4,000 a calendar year but I have to pay for everything up front. It's reimbursement. No one is just going to hand out money...I wish they would
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    If you find a place that just gives you money... PLEASE let us know !!

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    I think you should defer admission for now, save up some money, and then go to nursing school. Like others said, West Coast University has a high tuition so trying to take out a lot of loans & pay so much for school will put you in some serious debt. I would even look at other options, such as a community college or state school, for better tuition rates.
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    What area are you in? If you are in mine, I know of a program that will pay for $8,000 of your program if you and the school qualifies. If you have no other choice, is it too late for you to withdraw without penalty??

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