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We all know that nursing is tough on students. But putting a hold on dating is something that many cannot commit to. How do you manage your dating life and your education? Any tips, experience, or ideas you want to... Read More

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    What is this "dating life" you speak of?

    I barely have enough time to lay around on the couch all night on my nights off...

    Seriously, I know that if I want any sort of "life" outside of work and school (online RN-to-BSN) I will have to switch to day shift.
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    I am curious, is there anyone who nursing ambitions caused divorce or breakups? I'm married, but just doing prereqs put it nicely...difficult and stressful! I dont see how we will survive me going to nursing school.
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    Quote from ringmasterjdp
    I told the girl that I am dating that once I start nursing school, I will be very busy. We made concessions such as I told her that I would hang out with her but I may have to do some homework or study, in which she says she is cool with.
    Ha ha let me know how that one turns out

    Just kidding. I met my GF when I was in nursing school. She saw me through it and then I through her LPN year. You can make it work, it just sucks knowing you have to do the work and not spend all the time with them you want to. We certainly had our rocky periods, but are very happy now and going on 3 years together.
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    What dating life? Whether nursing school or 12-hr+hospital shifts, dating is almost impossible. This is where FWBs come in handy......
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    I had a boyfriend during ungrad nursing school--wasn't so supportive so...part of the reason he's an ex!

    I met my current boyfriend (who I just moved in with a month ago) during preparation for my best friend's wedding last year (best man & maid of honor--our best friends got married!) I am presently in grad school for my MSN (at the time we started dating was just embarking on preparing for a self-designed practicum placement & completing my thesis--hardest/busiest year of the program). On top of grad school, I travelled abroad for my aunts wedding, worked 40 hours/week (no consistent schedule either..usually I'm Mon-Fri 3-11 but I had to work whatever to make school work) and had a side job doing 1:1 clinical precepting for a senior nursing student. If our new relationship survived that, we're meant to be! I'm very lucky & happy to have found someone so supportive
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    Dating? What is that?
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    My wife was selfish and wouldn't let me date. :/
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    My boyfriend and I were dating for 4 years prior to my starting nursing school. Luckily, he is working on his journeyman's as an electrician and was busy with that while I was going crazy in school. Things got tough for a while... but it was just a lot easier when he understood how busy I was, that we just only spend one day a week together until I got through finals. It's definitely a test of how strong the relationship is. Lucky for me, he is a very understanding boyfriend and isn't "needy". I'm just glad I wasn't in his position haha. He's definitely a trooper, and if you find someone who can put up with you during nursing school and still be willing to help you with anything you need, or comfort you after that horrible exam, they are a keeper!
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    I couldn't help but post this, not sure whether it is more appropriate in this thread or the one I started about being a nurse for too long. I just went on my first date in about 4 years. I met the person at a pub- which is fairly unusual to begin with and I know I talked about head on collisions at some point while my friend was frantically gesturing at me to shutup in the background. Regardless, said date ended up being a ride on the back of a particularly powerful sports motorbike, up a notoriously dangerous mountain where my ED receives many motorcycle trauma patients from. Add to this that I had called in sick this particular day (which I never, ever do) because I cannot be an emergency nurse when I am sleep deprived (chest infection, coughing all night). I managed to push aside thoughts of being a trauma patient myself (while off sick)- but unfortunately, while chatting over coffee, I did make mention of the fact that yes, our trauma shears would be able to cut through his boots because they can cut through sternums. Appropriate dating conversation? Perhaps not, but he's still calling.....
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    Definitely not impossible. I met my boyfriend in nursing school and it's great that we understood each other's situation. Now that we are both RN's, dating just got so much better
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