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Nursing school is expensive. Many people have used student loans, scholarships, VA loans, grants, and even worked through school to pay for their education. The main reason for this thread is to... Read More

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    Quote from msn10
    I worked full-time nights 11-7 and went to school during the day - sometimes till 4pm if necessary. Slept on nights off or weekends. Guess I'm old school but I don't owe anybody anything which I love.
    goodness, didnt u feel like a zombie in school? when did you study?
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    LVN program (2005): Completely financed with a private Sallie Mae career training loan.

    RN completion program (2010): Financed partially with Stafford government student loans. I was also working full-time as an LVN in a nursing home while attending school, so I made cash payments of $500 per month to the school to minimize the borrowing of federal student loan funds.
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    I am using student loans. I am in an ADN program, so it is comparatively reasonable to the tens of thousands I owe for my BS in Sociology. I paid for all of my pre reqs out of pocket while working full-time to lessen the blow.
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    Associates degree at CC - $7,500
    RN-BSN program on-line - $8,250
    Total cost => $15,750
    Done on an evening/weekend basis while working - paying out of pocket was relatively painless.
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    Husband went to Iraq for 6 months...that and his other 6 months of active duty qualified him for post 9/11 GI bill and he transferred it to me, which paid for most of it. The rest I paid by externing and working part time for my old law office. It felt great to come out debt free instead of with 65K of loans from law school.
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    Worked full time while taking pre-reqs, posted a 4.0 GPA to apply to nursing school, then flipped to working half time
    while in school full time. Used that pretty GPA to get scholarships, I only work now to cover living expenses and bills.
    I don't owe anyone any money. What a great feeling!
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    My awesome hubby is transferring his post 9-11 GI Bill to me for nursing school.
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    ADN more than paid for by GI Bill. BSN 100% paid for by my employer. I have never spend a dime of my own for school. I can't imagine doing so.
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    how did you find time to study!? and projects, papers and clinical assignments!? I was working weekends but now barely can do that because I am so busy. Most of my classmates all quit their jobs and are all on loans now. I thought I could get scholarships because I have always been an A student. But in my program you need 90% for an A, 70% to pass...sign. You are an Idol.
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    Quote from lemmyg
    But in my program you need 90% for an A, 70% to pass...sign.
    In my program 94% was an 'A' grade, 85% was a 'B' and 77% was a 'C.' Anything less than 77% was considered a failing grade.

    Therefore, my former classmates and I would have loved a 90-80-70% grading scale because it would have saved many students from flunking out of school.
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