Hospital Name Badge, Silly Question

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    This might be a silly question, but where do you put your hospital name tag? I see that most people wear it on their chest pocket, but I just looked at my scrubs and they only have hip pockets!

    Left hip, right hip or neckline?


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    I wear mine where my company's policy states we are to wear it, above the waist, clearly visible at a reasonable eye level and not obscured by hair or other clothing.
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    neckline..No chest pockets on my scrubs.. A lot of "male" scrubs have a chest pockets.
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    I wear mine on the neckline as my school, also, requires it to be above the waist and unobscured.
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    I pin a safety pin to my tops without a tag loop (with the latch part inside) and pin my tag to that. Just leave the pin on during washing. I lose one occasionally but they usually stay put.
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    I wear mine along the neckline for school and work.
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    Most dress codes require the badge to be clearly visible, generally meaning on the neck line. Ours specifically prohibits wearing them on sleeves (think Dean and his cig pack), or on the waist.

    If I put mine on the chest pocket, it would look like Oohlala's tassels swirling! I've done the safety pin thing, but usually just the neckline. If you choose to use a lanyard, make sure it has a breakaway latch so if it gets grabbed you can't be choked. I don't like them because when you lean over the darn thing falls into your working area, if not actually whacking the pt.
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    Thanks for the replies! During CNA clinicals we wore them on our hip pockets, but that just didn't seem right. I really like the safety pin idea, so clever.
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    I agree - stay away from lanyards in patient care areas. I have seen many instances of 'accidental' dislodgement of IV lines (including central & swanns!) as well as ET tubes, trach tubes, etc... when they get tangled with a lanyard. Also - very icky - in terms of dangling fomite around one's neck.
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    Quote from JBudd
    Most dress codes require the badge to be clearly visible
    In my state this is not just the dress code, this required by the state (I presume it is mandated by law).

    I wear it on my neckline on one of the clips that has a roll of string that unrolls so that I can swipe the badge on something and then recoils (sorry, I don't know the exact name of such a device).

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