Grooming and dressing up takes so much time...

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    Admit it. You know you take too long to prepare for school.

    On average how long does it take you to get ready for school/classes. If you had online classes would you still "prepare" yourself for classes?

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    I'm thinking about laminating my flash cards so I can study in the shower.
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    now that's what i call
  6. 0 sad...and so true.
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    I skip things like shaving and plucking eyebrows so I can get to bed faster after a long day
    of classes and clinical! :spin:
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    Same time it takes to get ready for work ~15 minutes ha ha. Short hair, showering the night before and a permanent short beard helps a lot.
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    Wow. I am so so glad this is a meme. I have become a certified slob...
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    I wear scrubs or work out clothes. I have short hair and I don't wear make-up to school. So considering I would shower every day and do my face routine in the morning and evening no matter what to stay young an beautiful the only thing that takes time is driving to school which is 7 miles.
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    Flashcards and highlighters are my new best friends! I retain more if I use flashcard more so than reading print outs.
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    Admittedly, I used to shower every day. Since I started perming my hair I can go every other day. When I am not working or going to class, it turns into every 3 days sometimes. But I always, wash my face, brush my teeth and do something with my hair, otherwise I would be too uncomfortable to study!

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