A funny thing that happened to me today

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    This morning I decided to run down to the health department to get my final Hep B shot. I take my 8 yo daughter and her best friend with me and as I am signing in they ask me "Can we have some?" I am assuming they are talking about the bowl of candy because they are saying "I want a purple one, no a green one, wait I want a red one.............." I tell them "yes, you may both have one piece, if you sit down quietly" The lady behind the counter gives me a strange look that I don't give a second thought to. I then turn around to the girls saying "what is it?" to each other and realize they have condoms! OMG I just told these 8yo girls they could have condoms, NOT candy--now I completely understand the strange look and am absolutely mortified! Needless to say I had to explain that they needed to put those back and they were not for little girls but instead meant for adults. A lesson in sex ed took place for them this morning then when I returned home I had to explain to the other Mom what I had done and she thank goodness got a good laugh out of it an was thrilled it happened to me and not her!
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    OMG how emberrassing lol But hey you didn't know so yeah that would of had my face all red lol
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    awww ,

    this reminds me of my youth, i think back to all the great condoms i got to use at 8 years old. do not forget the fruit flavored ones, the girls love those.

    p.s. yes, this is a joke, please do not lynch me.
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    Thanks for posting 3xmom! I needed a good laugh. And don't worry, what happened is completely understandable. At least you caught it before they opened them, and tried to blow up their new balloons : )
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    I would have doubled up laughing so hard, right there and then.
    I would have been more amused than mortified.
    That is genuinely funny
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    How embarrassing. Thanks for posting this good laugh for the day! I think we are all where you are. Our minds are only half on the immediate task...thinking about what we must do next.
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    That is a FANTASTIC story!
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    LMAO! At least they didn't start opening them and discovering what was inside those bright little packages!!!
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    Quote from Lifeofanurse
    LMAO! At least they didn't start opening them and discovering what was inside those bright little packages!!!

    My thoughts exactly*LOL*