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  1. bloodlikefire

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Just passing on the Good news. THE TRICK WORKS!!! My name showed up on the boards website today. WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!
  2. bloodlikefire

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Just needed to shout this out somewhere. I took NCLEX-RN today and got the good pop-up. YEAH. Just need the board to send offical word now. Good Luck to you all.
  3. bloodlikefire

    LVN to BSN university ot phoenix

    wow, way to drag back a dead post. the uopx used to use hesi and all current students as of july, 2011 will finish with hesi, but all new students will be using ati. they just switched this year. i am in my final class and cannot wait to never have to see this place again. the current scores for hesi are 800 for med/surg, 850 for specialty tests, (peds, ob/gyn, psych) and 900 for rn exit. no one will tell us what the pass/fail score for ati is. the tests are currently only on "clinical" classes, i.e. med/surg, psych, ob/gyn, peds, and adv med surg. each of these classes have a pass/fail component. don't pass the test, don't pass the class. sometimes you get a re-test, within 2 days, other times no retest. you can retake one class once if you fail. unfortunately, with no one in charge right now (program director left suddenly recently), almost no one can answer any questions about what qualifies for a retest and what doesn't. the program will take between 2-5 years to complete depending on how many of your units the school will accept. overall, i do not recommend the uopx to my fellow lvn's, at least not at my campus. i hope the programs in az, co, and hi are better run.
  4. bloodlikefire

    Experiences with going to school with a commute

    i lived literally across the street from my lvn school. i could see the college from my bedroom. as for my completion lvn-bsn, i had a 70-mile drive 1 way. i had to drive at least once a week and twice or more for clinicals. can you afford the time and money to drive? gas and car related expensive add up fast. is your school full time (3-5 days a week) or less? i can tell you its possible but your social/family life will suffer. i will be finishing my travels to school next month and couldn't be happier that i will never need to drive that far for school again. if you decide to take public transit, you can use the travel time to study. good luck applying!
  5. bloodlikefire


    just finished my leadership class last night! capstone class will be finished in 5 weeks (6 with thanksgiving). 41 days left! :hpygrp:come on december, 2012 graduates, lets celebrate!
  6. bloodlikefire

    Potassium Chloride Overdose Leads To Nursing Home Patient Death

    as a home health nurse lvn, i was giving my medically fragile pediatrics kid 3 ml of kcl twice a day, via j-tube (do not remember the meqs). once the doctor sent him home from the hospital with k-citrate cr, cut pill in half, crush and give in j-tube . i threw a fit and refused the order because they had both orders of k+ on board, and to crush a cr pill would overload the kids system and send him into dysrhythmias. i was on the phone with three different doctors' offices and two different pharmacies. to get it straighten all out, it took me almost a whole week! home health nurses do not get a lot of respect from doctors' offices and pharmacies on the phone. good thing i was going through my bsn completion program at the time and understood the importance of not giving too much potassium.
  7. bloodlikefire

    How important is being physically fit in Nursing?

  8. bloodlikefire

    Can a male nurse work in home health?

    whoooooo hold on here! i was hired after one interview and trained for my patients. i was told that i could not work for a female patient because it was company policy, which is fine because i work 40 hours a week. if i was told i would not be hired because i was a male, you are talking about lawsuit territory. they are gender discriminating against men. while i do not care enough to make a stink while i am working full time if i had no hours or job because of a policy now you are talking about money damages i.e. lawsuit. crashvector, check yourself. i am a male, jewish nurse my whole life involves knowing which battles are worth fighting and which battles are not. do not compare a bad company policy with the belittling or suffering of fellow human beings which is just flat out evil.
  9. bloodlikefire

    Can a male nurse work in home health?

    do you have a law degree? do you have the 10,000 dollars to hire a lawyer? any company can get away with anything that they are not sued about and its not worth my time or money to fight something that in the end doesn't matter to me. as long as i can work a full week every week it truly doesn't matter what the gender of my patient it. i have less than six months left with this company, as once i earn my bsn i plan on moving on to the next job. each company is different and sets their own policies. you can always refuse to work for a company that has a similar policy if you chose.
  10. bloodlikefire

    about to graduate

    hi, i am set to graduate in december of this year with my bsn. you should start sending out applications now. i have already applied to one job and i will apply across the usa once september hits. you want to have a job lined up asap. if you are really lucky (don't count on it) you may have a job lined up which you can use an interim permit (depending on your states board), which is a temp license before you take your nclex. this gives you a jump on others in your program. it depends on your situation, i.e. can you move for a job, on if anyone will hire you without experience. most hiring managers will understand that you can't "start" until you have your license, just make sure to put your estimated date of graduation on your resume. but then again this is just my two cents.
  11. bloodlikefire

    School hasn't mailed in our applications! (VN)

    short answer: their is not much you can do. it took my school 2 months to send in our applications because one of the students did not turn in her all of her stuff. all of the applications must be turned in together and by the school. use the time to study your nclex-rn book and don't over think your questions. in a year, you will never ever think about the short delay.
  12. bloodlikefire

    Care Plan Help! Ineffective Denial/Defensive Coping?

    first remember that it is not our job to diagnosis him with a psychiatric condition, so i would not call him "borderline ocd". i would say he is trying to control his environment because that is all that he can control right now. i would use social interaction, impaired or social isolation. you did not mention any family visits. where is his family? you could also try family processes, interrupted r/t hospitalization.
  13. bloodlikefire

    Can a male nurse work in home health?

    here in cal, i am a male nurse and have been doing home health since 2009. my companies policy is that male nurses can only work on male clients, no such gender assignments for the softer (and much prettier) sex. is it legal or necessary? who knows? but there have always been enough male clients for me to get 40 hours of work in a week. it's just part of the gig when you have external genitals in this business. send me a private if you want to hear the horror story which was my ob rotation in lvn school.
  14. bloodlikefire

    I am about to quit this!

    hang in there!!! i just finished my community nursing class, which was boring as hell. i start my community nursing clinical in two weeks. remember to use the cdc and who (world health organization un) websites, which have a lot of useful information. i feel the same about ob/gyn as you feel about community, but get it done and never think about it again. just remember, you can do it!!!
  15. bloodlikefire

    University of Phoenix RN-BSN program-cost?

    i don't know you but you sure are white washing the uopx experiance. be careful i had a as-lvn and for my bsn from them it will cost about 36k when all is done. oh and the counselors are a joke. nobody knows what is going on at any point of my program. this is the tutution rate from the last set of e-mails they sent me, [color=#333333]your new tuition rate [color=#333333]your tuition and electronic course materials rates are changing. new rates will apply to incoming and current students for all courses beginning on or after july 1st. ultimately, these price changes will enable us to continue providing you with a real-time educational experience that is applicable to your life. [color=#333333]we believe in promoting responsible borrowing practices and are committed to enhancing your financial literacy and reducing student debt. at phoenix.edu , you’ll find an explanation of your payment options. this information will help you better understand the direct and indirect costs of your education, enabling you to make an informed decision. [color=#333333]please contact your finance advisor if you have any questions. [color=#333333] [color=#333333]your 2011 tuition for the sacramento valley campus [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][color=#333333]undergraduate100 level courses $420 business 200 level courses$465 business upper division$520 nursing lower division$465 nursing upper division$500 [color=#333333]graduatebusiness$665 nursing$595 education$575 masters of counseling$595 [color=#333333]certificatesbeele lower division$250 beele graduate$405 fnp$595 fbcs lower division$465 fbcs upper division$520 ccp lower division$465 ccp upper division$520 mdt lower division$465 mdt upper division$520 hrm lower division$465 hrm upper division$520 pm lower division$465 pm upper division$520 ted/clad lower division$465 ted/clad upper division$520 ted-e/ted-s lower division$465 ted-e/ted-s upper division$520 nhce$595elec/ed$260 [color=#333333]non degree coursesnd-dce$220nd lower division$465nd upper division$520nd graduate$595 [color=#333333]continuing educationcontinuing education$175 [color=#333333][color=#333333]electronic course materials bachelor's$95 master's$115[color=#333333] [color=#333333]the prices listed are the cost of tuition per credit hour. the rates above may not apply to some military personnel. [color=#333333]students who are attending class both online and on-campus should contact their finance advisor for more information. students are advised to contact their campus for more specific information. [color=#ffffff]questions? [color=#333333]university of phoenix is accredited by the higher learning commission and is a member of the north central association (ncahlc.org). the university’s central administration is located at 4615 e. elwood st., phoenix, az 85040. online campus: 3157 e. elwood st., phoenix, az 85034. for information about university of phoenix accreditations and licensures, please visit phoenix.edu/about_us/accreditation.html [color=#333333]© 2011 university of phoenix, inc. all rights reserved. | bra-00434-eng
  16. hey, i am finishing my lvn-bsn program right now; some schools require six months lvn experience before you can apply for their bridge program. as always, make sure you check with your states board of nursing (or its equivalent) to make sure the program is approved. i know here in ca, a school from illinois was advertising their long distance classes, but they were not approved (they were approved for ce's only if i remember right) and you could not sit for your nclex-rn if you graduated from them. do your homework and be flexible. you might need to move to get into a bridge program. good luck