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I'm a senior registered nursing student and our school has a pinning ceremony to mark the completion of our program. Our class contains about 20% men, equal split of black and white in both genders. I am approaching 50 and... Read More

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    I think the topic has gone somewhere over to the left. The original issue is about GENDER discrimination related to acceptable attire for females and males, Specifically having to wear a cap because the majority voted and whether that is right or wrong.

    For me I wouldn't want to wear it because I think it looks ridiculous, not because of any feminist issues I have. If it were me, I don't know what I would actually do because I'm not in that position, and I don't feel that's strongly as you and some others do.

    They gave you a choice, wear the cap or don't go. If you feel that strongly that you feel you can't put it aside to participate in your own ceremony then don't. I know if I felt that strongly about the whole thing as you do, I just wouldn't go.

    To bring anything else, like whether they should receive funding, calling a state rep over it, and some of the other things being brought up, seem to be a bit extra to me. By the time anything would get worked out, the ceremony will be long over and you will be long gone.
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    Quote from wooh
    So how much can they force on women but not on men before it's "discrimination" if this isn't it? Where's the line for you? Can they require women to wear headscarves to class? To clinical as part of the women's clinical uniform? Can they require transvaginal ultrasounds for the school physical? Can they give men and women different exams? Where is the line? Because obviously it's in a much different place for me (who thinks there shouldn't be a different requirement on any of this between the men and women.)
    For your late night reading material:

    Tailoring a dress code: How to write the rules -

    Equality, Diversity and Discrimination: How to Comply with the Law, Promote ... - Lynda A. C. Mac Donald - Google Books

    Dress Codes and Employee Appearance | HR Topics for human resources#

    Clarke Silverglate, P.A.
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    The tailoring a dress code article was a good one.
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    Sorry OP. I think I would be pretty upset in that situation too. This is a ceremony, important but not a life-death situation that they have to force someone to do something. If students want to wear the cap, they should be free to do so; and if they don't want to wear it, they should have that choice as well.

    Not suggesting that you do this, but if I were put in your shoes I would just skip it (as long as I can still get my degree that's all that matters). I actually skipped my HS graduation and my master degree graduation, and only attended my Bachelor's graduation because my parents would like to go. To me, it is what I can do with my degree that matters and I am proud of my accomplishment whether or not there is recognition.
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    Can you get away with different dress codes? Yes. Should you be able to? No.
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    Do you have to pay for the silly hat? If so you should not be forced to wear the thing. All that hat means is. " hey look a woman".
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    Quote from CrunchRN
    How do I unsubscribe from this thread?
    Go to your bookmark page, check the box next to this thread, go to the bottom of the page and choose "delete bookmark" from the drop down menu.
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    Thaks umbdude!
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    Quote from PatMac10,SN
    The point is that there are too many other more important issues at hand to worry about wearing a cap for a short passage of time. Wearing that hat is meant to be an honor, not derogatory action. The women who truly shaped nursing into to what it is today, many of them wore that hat..

    My perfectly honest truthful opinion, because that's what the OP ask for,is to just not go if you can't let yourself wear the cap. If the OP really wants to wants to participate in the ceremony, the pull it together for an hour and then call it a day.
    OP apparently doesn't see it as an honor. She sees it as a negative. If men don't have to wear it but she is required to wear it if she wants to be able to be in the ceremony, that is unfair treatment. It is discriminatory and is based on the students' gender. It is, therefore, sex discrimination.

    I am annoyed that OP has not updated us by now.

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