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UTHSC_Bound has 8 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Case Management.

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  1. Can a Social Worker supervise an LPN?

    No. Totally different scope. And RNs that case manage actually DO provide care, Mean Mary, especially in outreach
  2. CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    They have a 2hr ethics credit. CVS has some too. I think it's called corem, and another org called Prime but cannot remember the website. Consider joining Case Managers Community on FB. The topic comes up a lot.
  3. CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    CCMC site has free ones called CM Learning Network
  4. Expensive stethoscope for student?

    check with your school about this - we were required to have a dual head.
  5. Just finished the MSN/Informatics

    WHY access?! Is that actually usable in real world??
  6. Can you refuse to give care to a resident in LTC?

    Drop the triggering words like "appropriate"
  7. Would You do This Commute?

    2.5 hr commute + 12hr shift + 1.5hr to wake feed dress pack lunch +2-3hrs at home to wind down and visit with loved ones = really not much sleep.
  8. Criminal Charge... Last Semester of School

    The board will likely hold your ATT card to sit for NCLEX. You will be required to send in court documents and a detailed description of the event. TX schools do background checks in the state. the BON does a national check. They held my ATT for ...
  9. Mandated HPV Vaccinations?

    In January of this year the American College of Pediatricians issued a pretty dire warning regarding it.
  10. Pos UA 29w preg

    @mkk mine actually has both. They open the case prenatal and test both at birth @roser I'm within my bounds....without getting too in depth, this is outpatient medical management to improve outcomes. County=county hospital (read low income). The f...
  11. Pos UA 29w preg

    Hi all Just looking for some opinions hopefully quickly. I am an ambulatory nurse that is best described as Medical Case Management - its a lot more but... I have a pt who was taken in to county by a case manager based on some health complaints to di...
  12. Looking for some advice before making a mistake.

    I got my BSN with 20k of debt. Be a good student, get scholarships, pell grant, and don't go to a private school. I think he ER tech idea is a great one. My techs had more mad skills than I did. If you can pull off your heart burn for kindness in...
  13. Pendulum Swinging too Far on Pain Meds?

    Just wanted to pipe in on this regarding your original question regard MDs and pain meds and the environment becoming puritanical with an example of the insanity. I have a pt who was pegged as drug seeking several years ago...but now we are s/p L AK...
  14. Weird/ Dumb Nursing School Rules

    This whole thing made me chuckle....you work in a hospital you basically wear pajamas to work and the most comfortable shoes you can find and no one gives a rats ass if you have neatly trimmed facial hair while you are saving their life in real life.
  15. New Grad RN.... work options that do not involve a hospital

    So I graduated in the top of my class from a top school, raring to go with ICU and ER in my headlights....I stuck it out for a year....MISERY. I stuck it out because everyone wants a year....you really just need to do the year then GO!!!!!! I left ...