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UTHSC_Bound is a BSN and specializes in Case Management.

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  1. UTHSC_Bound

    CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    They have a 2hr ethics credit. CVS has some too. I think it's called corem, and another org called Prime but cannot remember the website. Consider joining Case Managers Community on FB. The topic comes up a lot.
  2. UTHSC_Bound

    CCM 90 CEUS REQUIRED......

    CCMC site has free ones called CM Learning Network
  3. UTHSC_Bound

    Mandated HPV Vaccinations?

    In January of this year the American College of Pediatricians issued a pretty dire warning regarding it.
  4. UTHSC_Bound

    Pos UA 29w preg

    @mkk mine actually has both. They open the case prenatal and test both at birth @roser I'm within my bounds....without getting too in depth, this is outpatient medical management to improve outcomes. County=county hospital (read low income). The fact that I wasn't present for treatment or diagnostics is the basis of my question. The case managers (social) do not have a medical background. Although they are licensed by the state, and have the same knowledge regarding the patient as I do, they believe this lack of medical background is basis to not report. The question really is if I was not involved in the diagnostics do *I* need to report. The NP I'm under says no, but I want to do the right thing so thought I would throw it out here. I realize its an unusual situation. thanks!
  5. UTHSC_Bound

    Pos UA 29w preg

    Hi all Just looking for some opinions hopefully quickly. I am an ambulatory nurse that is best described as Medical Case Management - its a lot more but... I have a pt who was taken in to county by a case manager based on some health complaints to discover she is 29 weeks (according to US) and positive UA for cocaine. I have knowledge of this because we use county electronic health record for our people - I saw the lab results in other words. My question is - am I supposed to be reporting to appropriate authorities? I was not present for any medical treatment or diagnostics. TIA!
  6. UTHSC_Bound

    Looking for some advice before making a mistake.

    I got my BSN with 20k of debt. Be a good student, get scholarships, pell grant, and don't go to a private school. I think he ER tech idea is a great one. My techs had more mad skills than I did. If you can pull off your heart burn for kindness in patient care and reduction of fear in the ER you would be a super star.
  7. UTHSC_Bound

    Dying, unresponsive patient and assessing pain

    Im not in palliative care, but in my area we often consider pain as a possibility with a spike in blood pressure.
  8. UTHSC_Bound

    Forced IM meds...always ethical??

    I think the charges response was unprofessionally emotionally charged with a desire to punish the pt for the hassle of the behavior. absolutely give the pt the dignity of taking the PO meds if he is agreeable. its not a one way road is it? The mere fact that de-escalating is a part of the plan proves that its not!
  9. UTHSC_Bound

    Are colors consistant across all brands of scrubs?

    I wear hunter green and Koi pants match with Cherokee tops
  10. UTHSC_Bound

    Funny Things Patients Say

    Had a pt with encephalopathy. I had a good rapport with him whereas the night shift would often have to restrain him for trying to hit them. One morning I walked in and he has a styrofoam cup in his hand while dangling his spo2 monitor sticker inside. He says, "We need to talk...I'm going to need some things or this whole place is going up."
  11. UTHSC_Bound

    Relocating to Houston area after NCLEX

    your license in LA will do nothing for you in TX. TX is a part of the compact states where you can use your license there to practice in multiple other states, but LA is not part of that. If you know you are moving to TX after school - just go take the NCLEX in TX.
  12. UTHSC_Bound

    Forced wearing of nursing cap.

    Jamie Farr did it...
  13. UTHSC_Bound

    Parkinsons question

    Its not guaranteed. My uncle passed in Nov. after maybe 10 years with it. The only dementia he ever really suffered from was med induced hallucinations...they do have a domino effect with their meds trying to keep the tremors down.
  14. UTHSC_Bound

    Nursing: Art vs Science

    This has been a recurring theme for me lately. I just went to a STEM symposium where by happenstance the opening speaker, the closing speaker, and every one of my breakout sessions revolved around the marriage of art and science. Traditional thinking has art as interpretation, and science as facts, but the truth is that science is an act of art interpreting reality, and art is an interpretation of science. Dance is physics for example. I am glad to see your article putting it into a nursing perspective.

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