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Today is my first OFFICIAL day of nursing classes... of course, we had "orientation" last week where they assigned us a bunch of homework that is due TODAY! YEE-HAW - here we go!! I have done... Read More

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    Thanks for all of your replies! I survived my first week with a good deal of anxiety, but pretty satisfactory results. I got all of my assignments in and I passed my Dosage Calc math test on the first try. (We get 3 tries and if we don't pass we fail this class and have to start over )

    We also tested on the following skills this week in lab: Pulse (twice), Respirations (twice), BP (twice), Lung Sounds (just placement), Bowel Sounds (just placement), Sterile Gloves and Sterile Field. I passed all on the first try EXCEPT Sterile Field. Apparently I touched the contaminated 1 inch edge of my sterile field with my sterile glove, thus contaminating them! We get 3 tries to pass our skills so I will know better the 2nd time. I guess I really needed to practice because I did not even realize I did it. Maybe I was too relaxed or something!

    I have a day off to study tomorrow, then my first lecture test on Tuesday. What a first week!!! I guess they want to make sure we can handle stress.

    Good luck to you all! Keep me posted!
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