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Baubo516 has 3 years experience as a RN and specializes in Skilled Nursing/Rehab.

Finished my ADN! Working on my BSN.

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  1. Baubo516

    Nursing Job Without Stress

    I, too, was going to suggest home care, especially if you do a whole shift of care in a home with one patient. I had a night shift position and in between the required hourly assessments, I had time to read and do homework. Just don't work overnight before going to class if you can help it!
  2. Baubo516

    Hesi petition

    I just want to clarify that students are not permitted to graduate from my program until they either 1) pass the HESI exit exam with a score of 850 or higher or 2) take it 3 times, with remediation between each try. I looked up my school's NCLEX-RN 1st time pass rates for 2010-2013, and in all of those years, our rate was higher than the 2 4-year nursing schools in my town. No one blows off our HESI tests because they know they can't graduate on time without passing the final test. We also would not be allowed to go to the next class if we missed the HESI test for the previous one. My school does not mess around. We do NOT miss class unless we are DYING, and even then we can't make up any quizzes that we miss!! LOL
  3. Baubo516

    Hesi petition

    At my school, we had to take a HESI exam at the end of each class, and a cumulative one at the end of LPN year and RN year. They were NOT counted as part of our class grades. However, we had to score at least 850 on them, or else do some remediation. I was fortunate and did not have to do any remediation, but I think that the ones who did (and took it seriously) benefitted from it. The point is to help us learn what we don't already know so we can be ready for boards! At the end of our RN year, we did the comprehensive HESI exit exam. If we didn't get 850, we had to remediate and take it again. If no 850 that time, remediate more and take it for a 3rd time. Our transcripts are not released until we either pass with 850 or complete taking it the 3rd time (pass or fail.) I think these HESI tests benefitted us, because they were very similar to the NCLEX and gave us lots of practice with that type of testing. Perhaps you could suggest to your faculty that they use the HESI exams in this way. It was a pretty much all benefit, no down side. They did not affect our GPAs, but we were able to see what we needed work on and do some more studying in those areas. Send me a private message if you want to know the name of my school - we have a good NCLEX pass rate and you could use our program as an example of another way to use the HESI without bringing down GPAs. BTW - we are an Associates Degree program, so I don't know if that would affect your faculty's attitude toward our practices. However, we have a higher 1st time NCLEX pass rate than the 2 BSN programs in my town.
  4. Baubo516

    2 part time jobs!!! I need advice!

    If you are a young new-grad nurse, please be especially careful with your personal boundaries at a juvenile detention center. I used to teach middle school full time (ages 11-14, usually) and I can tell you that those kids are old enough to have raging hormones, but not mature enough to know how to handle them appropriately. Kids in juvenile detention will probably also be dealing with mental health issues and perhaps bad home situations, etc. Just watch yourself!! Sorry this is a little bit off topic but felt like I had to say it... Good luck! My father was a correctional officer and I have considered doing corrections nursing as I have compassion for the unloved and marginalized in our society. No prisons or detention centers in my town, however.
  5. Baubo516

    2 part time jobs!!! I need advice!

    If possible, please don't overwork yourself!!
  6. So glad to read this, as I want to work with babies one day, but may never be able to have them.
  7. Baubo516

    2 part time jobs!!! I need advice!

    If you are doing a full-time 8 hour shift job, you will probably have to be there 5 days a week. I would not recommend working a part-time in addition to that.
  8. Baubo516

    Shadow People/ghosts at work

    There is a thread on here called "What's your best nursing ghost story?" where people have shared stories like yours. Check it out!
  9. Baubo516

    do you wash your hair every day?

    I do not wash my hair every day - largely because I don't have enough hot water to wash hair & shave in the same shower! But also because my hair gets too dry when I do. I guess it depends on what type of unit you work on, and what type of patients you are caring for. If I cared for a patient with an airborne disease that day, I would probably wash...but for surgical, rehab, stroke patients, I don't think they are really much germier than I am.
  10. Baubo516

    New Grad Rehab Nurse

    I am starting my first job as an RN on a Rehab/Skilled floor this Wednesday, and I am glad I found this thread! I have been working as a CNA on the same unit, but I am a hard worker and kept busy with aide duties, so I know I will have lots to learn in my new role. Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. Baubo516

    Find your Specialty Quiz

    That was cool! My first result was Rehabilitation Nurse, and I guess that's good, since I start my first RN position on a Rehab/Skilled Unit this week! My other options were Certified Nurse Midwife (cool, because I love babies...have considered NICU), School Nurse (don't wanna do it - used to be a teacher - but I can see why the quiz might THINK I would like it), and HIV/AIDS nurse. That last one is one I never thought of...but I am curious about Hospice work, which has similar counselor/health manager type aspects. I think that was a pretty accurate quiz!
  12. Baubo516

    Career-changer, floundering in the hospital

    If you are looking to get out of the hospital, the epidemiology job sounds interesting. I don't know of many patient care areas where you can eat a calm meal and chat with co-workers (much). I have not worked at a clinic, but the clinical days I spent there during school felt very rushed to me - rooming patients, taking vitals, reconciling meds, then getting the next patient. Most of those nurses ate at their desks while doing paperwork so they could get out on time. One idea - have you ever worked night shift? Would you ever want to? I have worked as a CNA on a rehab/skilled unit at a hospital, and mostly worked nights. I will be starting on full-time nights as an RN this Wednesday. One thing I like about our unit is that it has a slightly slower pace. Patients stay on rehab and skilled longer, so fewer admits and discharges per day. On the night shift, we generally don't have admissions after 8pm because we get our patients either from other units or other facilities, not thru the ER. Sometimes we even have time to chat. We generally eat our "lunch" at 2am in the activity room together, and take turns getting up to answer lights. I have enjoyed working on this shift. Just something to think about. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to use your nursing knowledge and skills in a more M-F, 8-5 type of environment. I think that is why many nurses choose to do case management for insurance companies, things like that. Let us know what you decide!
  13. Baubo516

    New RN nerves i guess

    I start orientation for my first RN position this Wednesday, and I am very nervous! It sounds like you did great! I anticipate posting lots on this site once I start work, because while my husband is supporting and knows I will be anxious in a new position, I don't think he will be able to endure long stories about work!!! So feel free to share - I plan to!
  14. Baubo516

    Im just going to come out and say it..

    It's nice to see a post from someone who likes their job! I have been working as a CNA for 3 years on my current unit at a hospital, and will start as an RN on the same unit this Wednesday. I am nervous about my change in role, but I darnit, I like my unit and my coworkers, and I like my job, too!!! Thanks for sharing the happiness!
  15. Jadelpn - I am dying to know, when you said, "you never use the word "clot" with some ethnic groups", which groups are these? And what horrible thing does "Clot" mean in their language? We were taught a few things to consider with different cultures in nursing school (no blood products for Jehovah's witnesses, for example), but I have not heard about this one!
  16. Baubo516

    How was your shift?

    I just got my RN license, and I am currently working my last 8 hour shift as a CNA. I will start orientation for my RN position on Wednesday, and I am looking forward to working 3 12-hour shifts per week! Unfortunately, I did not know when I was going to start my full time position when I mailed in my availability for my PRN LPN job, so this week I will be working 57 hours. Two nine hour night shifts, one 3 hour respite shift, then my 3 twelves of orientation! Thank God I only have 2 weeks of this overlaping commitment, and the 2nd one is not as heavy. My current shift has been uneventful - I am doing a 1:1 supervision with a patient with dementia, but she has been sleeping since I came on at 10pm. Not that I want crazy, but this could be very boring if she doesn't get up at least once! Night shifts are easier when you have things to do...