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  1. lnle3618

    What's the nurse-patient ratio in your unit?

    We do team nursing. An RN, LPN, and aid to 10-12 pts. Just started. So not sure if I like it or not. It's very different compared to having 6-8 of my own
  2. lnle3618

    Team nursing?

    I'm a baby nurse of only 6 months, when I took the job we had our own patient load 6-8 pts. As of a month ago, they are trying to go to team nursing. Hiring more lpns, aids...does anyone have ecperience with team nursing? Having a pt load of 10. With an RN to assess, lpn to medicate, and both help the aid. I'm so afraid if we have a weak link in this, it will make it more difficult for the others in the team. I have spoken to more experienced nurses about this and they say if it's done correctly it is a great thing. I've only done it a couple of days here and there as it is not going in full force yet. The whole time I was worried if the lpn was getting everything done in a timely manner. I'm so punctual about med passes. I am my worst enemy when it comes to worrying. . So just seeing if you all have some advice. Thanks!
  3. lnle3618

    What is your Achilles heel?

    Broken bones that are exposed and trach secretions. Everyone at work knows I will cover them if it's vomit, bm or something like that..and they cover me when we get a respiratory pt, which isn't often.
  4. I have only been at this job for 2 months (first nursing job). I get along with everyone on my team, sometimes I work an extra day, and there is a nurse that works those days. She is always out to get someone in trouble. My friend works the same days as her and is still in orientation. The nurse has been getting her in trouble. The team leader for those days is this nurses best friend so they team up against her. My stomach gets so upset when I see her on the schedule the same days I work. I can't ask her anything without an attitude or rude remark. The sad thing is that this nurse has only been out of school for a year. Any advice?
  5. lnle3618

    hurst review

    It gives you short ways to remember core content. If you do it correctly, you should have no problems. The instuctors are awesome, but I didn't have the patience to re watch the videos after watching the live review. I only did the 5th day material that wasn't done in the live part. I swear by the program. 75 questions first time passed the exam. Owe it to hard work and Hurst. Good luck!
  6. lnle3618

    Pearson says... Pearson vue trick not accurate

    I did the trick, got the good pop up. My state OK doesnt do quick results but my name was up on BON site 48 hours later. My temp license was void and the new one active
  7. lnle3618

    Hurst Q-review questions

    You only get one try for each test.
  8. lnle3618

    I love the good pop up!

    I meant no dose calc**
  9. lnle3618

    I love the good pop up!

    I took my NCLEX this morning. 75 questions and and hour and half later. I walked out of the center with a huge smile on my face. I tried the pvt about 20 minutes later and since I've gotten the good pop up. Had about half SATA, 3 strips, 3 with SATA about a diagram shown. No meds, and maybe 3-5 drugs. It was by far not the hardest test I've ever taken but having the mind set since I graduated that it was motivated me to study everyday. I did Hurst Live, Kaplan strategy book, Saunders CD questions, Exam Cram and the study guide off of this website. I am so thankful for this site in it prepared me on what to expect and reading others experiences calmed my anxiety. Good luck to all of those who are about to take it. And if you've taken it and failed, I hope you get good results next time. I had a friend not pass and she was devestated. I felt so bad for her.
  10. lnle3618

    praise God

  11. lnle3618

    Freaking out about Nclex in 2 weeks

    Also, sorry im blabing but there is a study guide floating on this site. It's awesome. I printed it and go over it all the time. It's 35 pages of pure information!
  12. lnle3618

    Freaking out about Nclex in 2 weeks

    I am taking mine in 2 weeks too. I only took a week off, and still nervous. We used ATI too: I HATE ATI...but it's a good source now that I go back over the content. I just didn't like how the questions were worded. I am doing Saunders now. I use the cd to keep up with the question format and practice SATA. It's ok but the best thing I've done was Hurst. I know my core content and that makes me feel better. I would practice a lot of infection control and priority as this is what a lot of people on here who have taken the test say is a good chunk of the test. Good luck!
  13. lnle3618

    Should I purchase PDA by Lacharity

    I have been using Hurst, Saunders, and the studyguide from this site. Should I buy PDA too? I test in 2 weeks.
  14. Hurst is great!
  15. Please share something you wish you had known when you started or something you learned really quick afterwards that would have been helpful in the beginning. Thank you! Ps. I start my first job Monday-extremely nervous.
  16. lnle3618

    I need advice! please read

    Unfortunately we cant work opposite because he would need to be at work before I get home and vice versa. The good thing about the daycare is I can always go check on him when I get a break-I know I wont always be promised that break but I can always go see him on lunch. I picked this daycare for this reason. I could pick a cheaper one but he would be there as soon as they open and be there after it closes. So I got so sad about that. Atleast the hospital one is used to this shift.