First day of nursing school! Anyone else?

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    Today is my first OFFICIAL day of nursing classes... of course, we had "orientation" last week where they assigned us a bunch of homework that is due TODAY! YEE-HAW - here we go!!

    I have done well in all of my pre-reqs but for some reason I have felt very nervous for the actual program. I am a career changer, so maybe I am just a little bit scared now that I am actually COMMITTED...

    Anyone else just starting your programs? How are you feeling today?
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    Today was my first day as well! Congrats on getting in your program, its so exciting.
    We had orientation last week also, and today was basically a second one just more specific and stressful ha. They barked at us how much we needed to study and take it serious and all of the stuff I've been worrying about for was overwhelming to say the least. But I do feel a lot better now that I know what to expect!
    I'm definitely overwhelmed and stressed, but at the same time extremely motivated. In my prereqs I was bit of a slacker unless it was a science course so now its getting fun and I can't wait to get into the real nursing stuff. I'm the most excited for clincals. I can't wait to actually do procedures and see all the stuff that really goes on in hospitals. Good luck to you!
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    Best of luck to you both! Let the games begin!! (I've just finished pre-reqs and submitted for admission for the Fall.)
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    Tomorrow is my last "first" day of nursing school. So ready to be done. Good luck everyone!
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    My first day is in the 22nd and I am very excited. I'm somewhat nervous but I guess that's what comes with not knowing what the program is gonna be like. Even more so pre-reqs were a drag and seemed to take so long... And the whole admission process adds to the anxiety. Give you a little insight into my background. I was a Marine, been to Iraq twice but nursing has me just as nervous as my times in the Marine Corps... Good luck to you all.
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    My first day is January 22nd, next Tuesday!!! I am anxious but nervous. I hope everyone has a great first day and good luck.
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    My first day is tomorrow! I am also a bit nervous but mostly excited! Good luck to everyone and congrats!!
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    My first day OFF school this semester is tomorrow. So very excited :-)
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    My first day was today. It's been a bumpy road getting here, but I'm so excited to start.
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    I'm two weeks in. WOW. That's all I can say right now. They don't waste much time piling it on!!!! Buckle your seat belts, it's gonna be a wild ride!
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