EXCELLENT website for reading ecg strips

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    Hello everyone, I am in my next to last semester of nursing school, we are studying the DREADED cardiovascular system right now...learning how to read EKG strips, our teacher gave us an EXCELLENT website for learning how to read them, and I thought i would share.
    then click on "tools" and then "ecg simulator"
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    This is awesome...thank you so much for posting this for all to enjoy and learn from. I know this will come in handy for my med-surg 2 class.
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    Excellent, what a great site thanks, have immediately added it to my favourites
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    Here's another one where you can actually set the heart to depolarize and watch the results. Our CI taught us with it, and it was amazingly helpful to visualize how the heart was working/corresponding with various ECG strips. You can even set infarcts.

    It's free, public, with versions for Windows and Macs at ecgsim dot org I think. If that doesn't work, PM me and I'll find it. Really REALLY cool.:redpinkhe
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    Check out all the links in this thread, too, including the above links:

    Helpful Information for the CCU and other Critical Care Units
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    Thanks. My cardiac exam is next week! Perfect timing...
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    a list of weblinks specifically for nursing students on how to read and interpret ekgs is at:
    they were chosen because some were particularly easier than most to understand for the beginner.
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    You guys are all great!
    I am starting again in March and was terrified of this part of it..... but now, I feel a bit more comfortable!
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    Can someone help me with this? This site looks excellent, but it is so tiny I can't read any of it. Did anyone else have trouble seeing it?
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    Thanks for the web site. I am starting cardiovascular next week. I went to the site hit tools and ECG stimulator, and the screen came up. The problem is the screen is so tiny I can't read the writing on the site. Can you tell me if there is a way to make the screen for the site bigger. I done everything I could but could not get it to change.


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