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  1. mRpeNa

    can I lose my license...

    i understand completely what you are saying. but i'm not on here to get soothing words!
  2. mRpeNa

    can I lose my license...

    she has no family that's involved and the numbers we have for contacts are no longer in service.
  3. mRpeNa

    can I lose my license...

    believe me it does!
  4. mRpeNa

    can I lose my license...

    i was questioned today and i told them what i knew and i was honest and i told them i take full responsibilty because i was the nurse on duty.
  5. mRpeNa

    can I lose my license...

    I have been working there for 6months now and i have never seen this resident up. so i asked the aides that have been there for awhile if there was a reason she didnt get up, and i was told no, the nurses use to get her up but then we graudally stopped and the nurses didnt ever tell us to ge her up so we just stopped. So here i was wanting to do a good thing by starting to get her up and then this happens! I love my job and caring for the elderly, i have a passion for them and this is just tearing me up!
  6. mRpeNa

    can I lose my license...

    im still crying, Am i a bad nurse for this?
  7. mRpeNa

    can I lose my license...

    Trust me I will document EVERYTHING now!
  8. mRpeNa

    can I lose my license...

    I have been crying all day about this situation... so today i had a resident that had an xray done and it showed that she had a fractured femur so i sent her out to the ER. Well last tuesday she fell but it was not notified to me. I was speaking to a restorative aide that day and she asked me what happened to resident A i said nothing, why, and she proceeded to tell me that resident B told her that resident A got dropped. So i went to one of the aides and asked her what happened and she said that CNA A called her and told her that resident A had slipped down to the floor when she was transferring her and she needed help geting her off the foor and she didnt tell me because thought that the other CNA was going to tell me, so i go and look at resident A head no bumps noted resident didnt complain of any headaches. And this is where i screw up, i didnt fill out a incident report and 1 week later her leg is swelling and bruising noted...i feel sooo horrible that this happened to the resident!!!! I am a new nurse and still learning but i cant believe how bad i screwed up! so i was wanting to know if anyone else had been in this situation and if so what happened? im soooo scared!!!
  9. mRpeNa

    Really depressed about new LTC job

    thank you! I will try this tomorrow
  10. mRpeNa

    New Nurses! Post here, Lets get to know one another!

    lol...I'm chiming in as well... I graduated from the RN program in May 2010. I recently started working in LTC, which i love. I enjoy getting to know the residence on a more deeper level than I would if I worked in a hospital. So milford232323 if you can give me any tips on how to be more organized and how to finish on time, i would appreciate it! :)
  11. mRpeNa

    LaCharity book

    I definitely recommend this book!!!
  12. mRpeNa

    What do you fear most on the job?

    me too! i can not sleep that night after i have finished a shift! and i work 6-2!!!!
  13. mRpeNa

    LTC is Crazy.

    could you send me one too! please~
  14. ...into nursing and i feel so inadequate! I work at a nursing home, but i only get to nurse about 5% of the time. When I got hired I was under the impression that they were going to hire 3 nurses on the floor that I was going to work on, and asked if i could "pass meds" until they do, that they were just waiting for a third med cart. Well it is 3months later and over heard the DON tell someone that "we aren't getting a third cart". So I started to look elsewhere my problem is I dont feel like I have a strong background!... When I do get to nurse I do treatments and peg tube feedings charting... My passion is to nurse, i really enjoy it. I like the building of trust and rapport that you build with the residence... the reason i went into nursing is to work with the elderly, but not sure if this place is the place for me.... but not sure how many people will hire me! I am looking for a day position because i have small children so that is another reason i accepted this job, but i am finding that as i continue to look, all that is available is evening and and nights ok i feel a little better! thank you for reading!
  15. mRpeNa

    how many nurses....

    thank you all for your replys... :)