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  1. mRpeNa

    Pearson Vue Trick - Poll once you receive your results

    i did the pvt and got the good pop up... i passed!!!!! so glad its over!!!!...i want to thank everyone for your encouraging words and prayers!...this site helped out alot!...again thank you!!!!! :heartbeat
  2. mRpeNa

    I did it!!!

    Congratulations on a HUGE accomplishement!
  3. mRpeNa

    New Grad RN's in nursing homes

    WOW!!! 4-6 WEEKS ORIENTATION!!!! you're blessed!!! i had 3 days, we have 2 floors but its section out by 4 departments. so i had 1 day each on 3 floors, and last night was my first night on a floor with 1 day of traing!...i was scared, nervous, but excited! we dont have a med aid so we do all our meds pass, and i felt like i was doing those meds alll day!....i really need some advise on how to get organized!...
  4. mRpeNa

    125 Hurst Mock NCLEX

    I attended a live review and we were told that if you do above 50% on the test then thats a good sign!!! :)
  5. mRpeNa

    i passed!!!!

    what mnemonics were they?
  6. mRpeNa


    Can someone please explain what the "TREE" that Kaplan teaches? THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDBACK!
  7. mRpeNa

    Hurst review???????

    thank you so much for your input!
  8. mRpeNa

    Hurst review???????

    Thank you Commuter!...that made me feel alot better!
  9. mRpeNa

    hurst review vs kaplan review.

    thank you because i paid for the Hurst but still wondering if it was a good choice... now i feel better about it!
  10. mRpeNa

    Hurst review???????

    I will be taking the STATE BOARDS in June and I was wondering if anyone has taken the HURST REVIEW or know anyone who have taken it...What do you think?... thank you for your feedback!
  11. mRpeNa

    Possibly Failing

  12. mRpeNa

    Class of 2010!! let's hear you!

    I know you didn't ask me but the way I studied for the HESI was I went through the HESI book and read all the HESI hints. I would definately get the HESI book and use the cd that comes along with it and do those questions and you will be able to see what your weak points are... GOOD LUCK!....
  13. mRpeNa

    Class of 2010!! let's hear you!

    It is an amazing feeling to know that all the stress and lack of family time has paid off! I definately couldnt have done it without God and alot of family support... I passed the HESI the first time as well and luckily I did because if we didnt, we didn't get another chance we would have to repeat the 4th semester again. CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 2010! WE DID IT!!!!!!!!! I too cried at pinning to see all my family there who supported me and I broke down during the rose ceremony when I handed my husband one because of everything he has done for me these past 2yrs without complaints!...I was so blessed to have a husband who understood how important it was for me to have study long hours and miss out on alot family time!... :redbeathe:w00t:
  14. mRpeNa

    Possibly Failing

    I have been where you are at plenty of times...see if you can borrow the book TEST FOR SUCCESS from your instructors...i used this before each final just to remind me of the strategies and it helped!...you know this information!... i know you know Maslows, ABC's, but what i always did was right it down on the extra sheet of paper because while you are in the middle of testing sometimes its easy to forget.... YOU GOT THIS!...im loking forward to your announcement of passing third semseter!... I just graduated but believe me I have been where you are, so I know how you are feeling!
  15. mRpeNa

    May 2010 Graduates Check-in

    It is an amazing feeling!!!!!!!!!!...my pinning was saturday and graduation was lastnight!....there were plenty of frustrations, stress, alot of sacrificing of family time...but it has all paid off!...to the upcoming graduates don't give up!... You can do it!
  16. The Hesi was final exam and it was counted for 25% of our grade. We had only one person not pass and she failed by 1 question!...I also did all the case studies from evolve and studied the Hesi book and we actually had a live review for 3 days to prepare us which they gave a Hesi review book and I studied from that as well...It wasn't easy but by the grace of GOD I passed!...

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