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  1. Jamie2887

    Calhoun CC Nursing Program

    As far as points, it changes every year, and I don't rememeber what it was for LPN/RN when I entered in 2006. I have heard rumors of the entrance exam, but dont know any truth too it. As for NCLEX scores, I just graduated in May, and we had 197 graduates, 89 of us have taken NCLEX thus far, and 87 have passed, so were kicking butt! They really changed alot of things in our last semester, and have tried to improve the program, I think alot of the kinks have been worked out and I see Calhoun's program really excelling.
  2. Jamie2887

    Hurst Review

    The thing with HURST is they guarentee passing if you MASTER the content, meaning the whole book they give to you, simply going to the review does not mean you get the full affect, or even glancing through the book, you must study the book and without a doubt know everything in it. I'm skeptical when I see that people failed who did HURST, I'm wondering if they really put the effort into the course? With that said...my school offered it to our graduation LPN class last summer, so I took it then, and again in May after graduating the RN program, through 2 years of school I could not wrap my head around some content, such as hypokalcemia, hyper, hyponatremia, ect....I knew basically what they are, but as far as remembering which s/s went with which...I was always lost...HURST did a FANTASTIC job outlining these very easy for me, and the Live instructors we had were great. The advantage to doing it online, is you can do it at your own pace and rewind, ect. The CD's are very helpful also, but I admit that the mock exam didnt seem to help, it was nothing like NCLEX (I took it this morning).
  3. Jamie2887


    It's called Prioritization, Delegation, and Assisignment, but Linda A. Lacharity....I bought my copy at Barnes and Noble, for $29.95, I'm finishing it up today, I test tomorrow :-D So far it seems to be very helpful for answering priority, has great rationales.
  4. Jamie2887

    New grads - how much are you studying?

    I LOVED hurst review, it's a good way of refreshing all of the content you've learned, you only do questions on the last day, which i enjoyed, our school payed for a review, and we did questions for 4 days...8 hours a day...she just read them to us, it was awful! Hurst also sends you home with 2 CD's, one that contains a mock NCLEX, the other has LOTS of useful info on things to refresh on, immunizations schedules, insulins, ect.... I highly recommend it!
  5. Jamie2887

    What do your CNAs do ?

    On my floor, as a nurse tech (and in my last semester of NS), I do VS's, FSBS, I&O's, baths, helping pt to BSC, toileting, answer call lights ect. We can suction with a yanker our trach pt's, I'm on respiratory. Help feed patients. We do not do anything foley related (besides emptying), no dressing changes, nothing with an IV. The only time the nurses may let us D/C something is if the person has passed.
  6. www.skyscape.com you can purchase "davis's drug guide." and load it onto your computer, then i copy and paste info from it into word.
  7. Hello everyone, I am in my next to last semester of nursing school, we are studying the DREADED cardiovascular system right now...learning how to read EKG strips, our teacher gave us an EXCELLENT website for learning how to read them, and I thought i would share. www.skillstat.com then click on "tools" and then "ecg simulator"
  8. Jamie2887

    UAB RN-ASN to BSN bridge program

    I tried the search engine, but didn't have an answer to my question. Is there anyone is has graduated or is currently in UAB's bridge program from ASN to BSN? I am currently at a community college, to graduate with ASN in May 08, and then plan to transfer to UAB the fall of 09. They have two optioins, a 2 semester, and 3 semester, and I didn't know how much time was involved with studying, ect. And I will be working full time, so any insight would be helpful, thanks.
  9. No ones mentioned it yet, but I live in Huntsville, it was recently on the list for one of the greatest cities to raise a family. I've lived here all my life, and absolutely LOVE it. Take a look at www.huntsvillehospital.org that is my workplace, HUGE hospital, and has one of the top NICU's in alabama, among other things. Beautiful city, lots to do.
  10. Jamie2887

    This is not my job?!?

    A techs job?? From my understand YOU are the tech while you are the nursing student...I am also a nursing student, and in clinical, we do the Tech's job, we bath the patient, assist them with their ADL's...and I have cleaned many poop off floors, beds, and patients. I am also a tech, and I've had this situation, I get some paper towels, get up the big pieces, and then use a towel from the linens to get the rest, and THEN call housekeeping just to mop when they get the chance to make the floor clean again from what I can't get up without a mop.
  11. I just watched and read these, they are very sad...but well worth reading them, makes you think of other people circumstances, and I especially like how Amy now looks at people for who they are on the inside first, which I think many neglect to do.
  12. Jamie2887

    Do YOU answer call lights in a hospital?

    I didn't read every single post, but so far I havn't seen anyone with a system like ours...so this "call light" thing seems odd to me. We have a central station at our hospital where whenever the patient presses their nurse button, it gets sent there to people who's entire job is to answer with "what can I help you with" if it's something such as "I need help to the bathroom" or any other tech duty, it's sent to me (I'm a nursing student working as a tech) on my pager, and the pager screens reads what the patient wants...which is convienent because if it says "need help to bathroom" I can run in there, but if it says "wants ice cream" I know I don't need to rush and leave what I'm doing. If it's "my iv pump is beeping" it only gets sent to their nurse's pager. So therefore I suppose it's only that particular patients tech/nurse's job to answer, I like our system so far, I don't get bothered with anything that is out of my scope of practice, and the nurse's can get their work done, and if I need their help I just grab one and their always very willing to help.
  13. I know 2 girls that are in my current class (4th semester of 5) and both failed out last year due to trying to plan weddings, and had to rejoin my class this summer. So I would advise against it, unless your planning something very small that wouldn't take a whole lot of effort to plan. I couldnt imagine trying to plan a wedding in nursing school.
  14. Jamie2887

    ERI for Jeff State

    In Calhoun's program, ERI is not just one exam at the end, you take them your entire 2 years in the program, you take an online exam, much like a nursing school exam, multiple choice, its timed, and if you score poorely, you listen to lectures on the ERI website and handwrite pages of notes, and then...you must pass the ERI exit exam before you are allowed to graduate.
  15. Jamie2887

    Calhoun Community College LPN Program

    ktaylor, every year is completely different, depending on who applies, the total points flucuate greatly, I cannot remember the points accepted when I applied, but the cut off was pretty high for the RN program, and alot of people from my biology classes didnt make it by like 10 points.
  16. Jamie2887

    Calhoun Community College LPN Program

    Hankins, I know school has started for you now, but still, if you have ANY questions at all, feel free to send me a message, I am in Calhoun's RN program 4th semester out of 5, due to graduate in May. I know i was really nervous this time last year also.