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Nursing is such a rewarding career that everyone wants a part of it. Why do you seek a career in nursing? For nurses: Do you agree that nursing is a rewarding career? Please share this... Read More

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    I definitely share this sentiment (i.e. emotional reward of nursing). Pt's ask me all the time about how 'rewarding' it si to be a nurse. I have decided that the pefect answer is "its tough, but rewarding.' That tends to make them smile and be more patient with me when I can't do things fast as they like. Everyone wins! They get to romantize bedside nursing, and I buy a little more time for my stressed self.

    Guess they don't want to hear how I am on burnout street every other day with crazy system abusing pt's (i.e. Frequent Flyers with LONG hangovers'). But I can't blame em, there is plently of negativity around, won't make them happy to have me coming and bursting their bubble about nursing.
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    Cute one.

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