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  1. Pinkmegan

    The Truth About Cats and Dogs

    For some people their pet is the only thing that makes their life worthwhile. To take it away, often after they have had it for many year, would be cruel & unacceptable! We look after a cat, a dog, a cockatiel and 2 rabbits!! There are always volunteers to walk the dog as staff can then have a smoke! The cat does not leave its owner's room, it takes 5 seconds to feed it & not much time to clean litter tray. We had a situation recently where the dog was going to be removed. Her owner, a youngish client with HD was inconsolable. She has had the dog for 8 years. The general consensus of opinion amongst the staff was that having a pet is just as important as any therapy or treatment when considering a persons needs.
  2. Pinkmegan

    Stupid things that nurses say

    Love it!! Interesting to read that you can have shared rooms in LTC. These a very much frowned upon in the UK.
  3. Pinkmegan

    Stupid things that nurses say

    CNA to patient "Do you want to see the Chiropodist?" Pt was an above knee amputee, both legs!!
  4. Pinkmegan

    Recovering travelling nurse with questions

    Hi. I am struggling with the problems that you reported right now. If it's not to much to ask, can you tell me how to go about getting help?
  5. Oh at last!! Someone with common sense and who thinks like me!! Crush the tabs separately?? Give each med by gastrostomy tube separately and flush with water between each! Where are they all going to end up?? If anyone can give the rational for this I would really like to hear it!! As for the BS, what do people in their own homes do?? It's like when patients at home are on diamorph suspension. 'Take 10mls!? No way! Swig it from the bottle!!
  6. Defo neurological system! I never bothered much with anatomy, after all, we are not diagnosing! Apparently, don't quote me & I've no refs. to hand, the neuro. system is still not totally understood!
  7. Pinkmegan

    Down to Sleep

    Oh my, one of the best posts I have ever read. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. xx
  8. Pinkmegan

    New On Call procedure. Need ideas, suggestions

    What is 'per diem'!!?????
  9. Pinkmegan

    New On Call procedure. Need ideas, suggestions

    PRN staff can't be an option surely if they don't know the area??!!
  10. Pinkmegan

    New On Call procedure. Need ideas, suggestions

    4 of us share the on-call. The 2 senior nurses & 2 of the staff nurses. We are rostered for on call on the days that we work so this does not impinge on our days off. On-call, basically, is for someone to call for advice. On the odd occasion that someone does not turn up for a night shift, or that they have phoned & the message has not been passed on, we are expected to do the shift, whatever we have worked during the day! A while ago, I was getting ready for bed, had put one leg in, when the 'phone rang! The night shift nurse had rung in sick but the message had not been passed on! I had no choice but to get out of bed & do the shift! This back-fired on the rest of the staff as the next day was my 60th birthday & they had arranged surprises for me! After a few hours sleep I went back to accept the gifts, eat the cake &, generally, accept all the good wishes!!
  11. Pinkmegan

    Does god make mistakes?

    Can I just ask how old he was?
  12. Pinkmegan

    How much of a raise did you get this year?

    What is the hourly rate for RNs in the USA??
  13. Pinkmegan

    How much of a raise did you get this year?

    Nothing, again!!!
  14. Pinkmegan

    A Father's Tears

    A beautiful, moving story, so well told. When our daughter died my husband was so numb with grief that he could not even shed a tear. In my own grief I felt his pain as he is an emotional person who can cry at sad TV shows, films etc. Others might have found him hard and uncaring but, knowing him as I did, after 10 yrs of marriage, most of which had been spent trying for a baby, I knew his grief was way off the scale for any show of any emotions. This happened in 1984. Our baby was 14 months old. She had an ASD, VSD & pulmonary hypertension. She needed a heart & lung transplant but, back then, they were in their infancy so not available for her. They operated to try to close the defects but the pressure from her lungs was too great. I can't say that she died peacefully as she was in the midst of a resuscitation attempt which involved her wound being torn open to allow direct heart massage. I asked them to stop but was told they could not. Had she lived she would have had, at the most, a few years of poor quality of life with severe breathing problems. I'm happy that she was spared that. She was our only child and still is.
  15. Pinkmegan

    Is attending a patient's funeral overstepping "the" boundary?

    What a load of rubbish!!!! I am almost a professional mourner after working as a nurse since 1989. We don't attend random funerals but, if I have built up a relationship with a patient, and their family, I would feel extremely guilty if I did not attend. At most of the funerals that I, and my colleagues on our unit, attend, positive mentions are made about us! Sometimes we are asked if we will speak at the funerals. I don't know where you work but, wherever it is, I feel that you should consider your future there as it sounds to be a cold and uncaring environment.
  16. Pinkmegan

    "Senior Codes"

    OMG!!! My usual day!! So glad to hear from other nurses of my own age!!! We still manage to do a really good job between changing continence pads (our own!!) don't we????