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    once i start class next week, i will be driving over an hour to school mon-fri and will be in class 730-230...
    does anyone have any suggestions on snacks that i can keep in my car and eat on the go?

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    I used to have that problem, then I began drinking water. It did help curb some of my appetite, but when i got near the school, I needed to pee really bad. If you are looking at health conscious solutions, look at these: carrots, almonds, walnuts, dried cherries, dry cereals (Chex, Cheerios, etc), bagels, juice boxes, gatorade, etc.

    Should have seen my car just last year. I had to drive about 45 min after clinicals to my job and would often have my tunk loaded down with snacks i bought at the local grocery.
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    This is the part that I struggle with - I just finished my first semester in nursing school and gained 15 pounds (and spent way too much money on school food):spin:. I commute an hour each way and we do not have access to a microwave or hotwater/coffee pot at school. I have been looking at Mr. Bento lunch boxes on so that I can bring heated soups/leftovers to school to eat. I also like the Special-K high protein bars - I do weight watchers, and they are 4 points apiece but seem to help keep the hunger at bay. Also, try to eat a high protein breakfast to keep you going in the morning. If you find any other ideas, please share! Good luck.
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    I really love Kashi bars. I keep them in my purse, in my backpack and car so that they are handy if I need something quick, on the run, without hitting the vending machine. I also keep a bag of roasted almonds on me for a quick snack. I know students who have put on 7+lb in the first semester because they get vending snacks and I want to avoid that if possible!
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    The nuts and protein bars are great suggestions. Don't forget the cut-up veggies and fruits...and for those of us with slight blood sugar issues, things such as peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches or celery w/peanut butter. Turkey sandwiches or wraps or other kinds of leaner lunch meats. You can also do those with some cheese and crackers as an alternative. Keep bottled waters in the car (where we live, the temps keep them nice and cool, lol) and be sure to drink plenty each day!

    Good luck!
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    that is one of my concerns since we just moved to tx and the heat in the car is going to start playing a role in what i can take but i want to avoid fast food and vending machines not only because its junk, but also because eating out each day can get costly

    thanks for all the advice
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    Where I live it gets REALLY hot so I usually keep a cooler in my car with some ice packs. This has worked for me in the past with school.

    When I start nursing school in a week I plan to do the same thing. Generally I'll keep alot of water in there and some type of fruits. Also, for my lunch....on Sundays I chop up lettuce, carrots, celery, and onions and store it in a big tuberware container. Then the night before school I'll throw some in a smaller container with cheese...put that in my cooler with a can of tuna and alittle lemon juice......mix it all together at school and VIOLA....lunch!!

    The Special K protein bars are good snacks, but have alot of sugar in them which will spike your hunger later. Try some of the Kashi protein bars. Their not as good, but will do the trick=)
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    Quote from Southernkitten
    I have been looking at Mr. Bento lunch boxes on so that I can bring heated soups/leftovers to school to eat. .

    Oh great, now I want one of those :spin:! I bought a cool Lean Cuisine lunch bag when they were doing a breast cancer awareness promotion, but this looks like a neat way to tote hot lunches to school. We have a small cafeteria at our school but I have no clue if we would actually have time to run down there and eat anything during our breaks.
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    If you have a place to heat it, Soup at Hand. Yogurt smoothies.

    If you're using a cooler and it's hot, you can use ice packs, or you can freeze bottles of water to keep things cool and, when they do thaw out, have your water for drinking.

    If you get sleepy while driving, I find that crunchy things help keep me awake, so a can of mixed nuts can be handy. Something you have to "work" to eat, too, like pistachios or sunflower seeds, can help keep you awake and you don't actually eat nearly as many. Carrots would work, too, or celery if you like it.

    You shouldn't grocery shop when hungry, so I'd be careful about doing the same thing when buying snacks for your commute. If you wait to stop at a convenience store on your way home, you'll probably make pretty bad choices because the junk all looks really good. Plan ahead and you'll do better for yourself.
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    My favorite snacks to bring to school, are dried mangos and yogurt covered raisins, granola bars, and those cheese and PB crackers.

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