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  1. beck_79

    CNA being asked to go through patient med records

    Thanks for the replies, everyone. To clear things up a bit: this is both a LTC and Rehab facility. I am on the Rehab floor, so patients are always coming and going, therefore assignment cards need to be updated regularly. As CNAs we do know the patients very well, and could probably fill out most of the information accurately (with the exception of medications and any very recent PT evals) HOWEVER, we are being asked to go through the medical records themselves and record what is written there. We typically don't even touch these records- we have our own CNA flow sheets which are kept in its own ADL binder. It was my understanding that we were never to touch the patient medical records. Another thing- there is no time on the shift to even do this. We work our tails off right up to the end of the shift, and barely have time to get our own paperwork done. I'll double check to see if the DON decided to implement this (so far I've only heard it from the charge nurses) But first I will check with my state BON so I have something to back me up. (I'm in MA, btw) Thanks again!
  2. The powers-that- be at work are now trying to implement a new duty for CNAs. We are supposed to go through the patient's charts-their medical records and fill out updated Assignment Cards weekly. We are to go through the patients' records and check off on the assignment card their diagnosis, what kind of transfer they are, do they use assistive devices, dentures, hearing aids, any kind of rehab therapy (splints, heel booties), meal assistance/ diet, continent or incontinent, if they are on blood thinners (to watch for bruising). Then we have the nurse sign it off. The rationale for this is that so people who float will have an up- to- date assignment card from which to work. I'm pretty sure that this is not my responsibility as a CNA. I'm a nursing student, so I do have some experience with charts, however as CNAs we have not been trained to interpret the information in a chart. If I fill out the wrong info the blame will be on me. Also, shouldn't the patient information we get as aides be on a need- to- know only basis? We shouldn't have access to patients personal information. A few of the aides I work with are not very trustworthy. The charts have private stuff- SS#, addresses, medical history. As a patient, I would not want anyone but the doctors or nurses taking care of me to be able to access my chart. Where can I go to find out if this is allowed? And if it is not, how can I report it?
  3. beck_79

    Overwhelmed in the first semester...

    Oops, meant to quote you, but I hit the thank you button instead. :)Hang in there! I like to go to the Nursing computer lab at school and take some practice tests- they have lots of NCLEX programs. Also, if your text came with a cd this usually has alot of helpful stuff on it. Try to review old material a little bit every day- even if it's just for 15 minutes. That way you won't feel overwhelmed before a test and you can focus on material you don't know so well. Good luck!
  4. beck_79

    Do you take any stimulants?

    I take NoDoze when I work my 12 hour night shifts. Usually all I need is half a pill
  5. beck_79

    I failed Med Surg 1

    scorpiostudent had some great suggestions. I highlight the heck out of my textbook, too. It helps me stay focused. I also jot down notes while I'm going along, too. This is all very time consuming, but I tend to remember it better. Before my exam, I take the CDs that come with my textbook and do the NCLEX style questions for each chapter I've studied.Most people ignore these CDs, but they have lots of good info on them. I'll also go to the school's nursing computer lab because they have tons of programs with NCLEX questions. This was a resource I never new about until this semester- you should see if your Nursing program has something like this. Reading all of those rationales really helps in the learning process.
  6. beck_79

    Becoming a CNA in MA

    I took mine at North Shore Community College. But that would be a trek coming from the South Shore. Try community colleges in your area. Some LTC facilities may offer training programs too.
  7. I go to the gym. Even when I'm pressed for time I make an effort, b/c I feel so much better after. Also, cooking and cross stitch.
  8. beck_79

    Students are cut-throat!

    I've only come across a couple of not- so nice people in my program, and avoid them. Just about everyone in my class seems really supportive with eachother. If someone is having trouble understanding the material people will make an effort to help them out. My clinical group is wonderful,too. I have a friend in another program who had to take a mental health leave of absence because of all the backstabbing and cheating that was going on. I feel lucky!
  9. beck_79

    Do you use your TEXT BOOK?

    I use them all the time and highlight the heck out of them. :) I feel like I have to study for two different types of tests with Nursing: the exams that the teachers give (I focus on the lecture and powerpoint for these) and then there is the HESI, which I've found my textbooks to be very helpful. It's worked pretty well for me so far. I figure it'll help with the NCLEX, too.
  10. beck_79

    What is a Bailer shift?

    I work Baylor at my facility. My shift is Friday/ Saturday 7p to 7a. So I work 2 12 hour shifts and I get paid for 32 hours instead of just 24. It works great while I'm in school. I also pick up an additional 8 hours a week so I can be considered full time and get the health insurance.
  11. beck_79

    Sitting in the front row

    I always sit in the front, close to the door, except for my last class where I decided to give one of the middle rows a try. I couldn't concentrate. It was noisy back there and the girl behind me kept tapping me on the shoulder to ask me questions. I normally wouldn't mind that every once in a while, but this was constant. Back to the front for me!
  12. beck_79

    How do I get certified for CNA in Massachusetts?

    Since you are already a senior nursing student, you don't have to take a class. You go to the American Red Cross and take the test in order to get a license.They will require documentation from your school showing you've completed a certain number of clinical hours. You'll take both a written exam and a clinical portion. Go to your local Red Cross website to get information about the exam. Good luck!
  13. beck_79

    Anyone NOT excited about starting NS?

    I'm not feeling excited about it yet either. In fact, I'm kind of dreading going back, despite doing well and finding everything I'm learning interesting. I just got burnt out last year between working and going to school full time and managing my relationships with family, partner, etc. Also, I've enjoyed the time I had off this summer- I felt like I had some semblence of a life back, and time for me and my loved ones. I've missed that. Once classes start and I get back into it I know I'll be fine. I just keep telling myself it's just two more years!
  14. I got sick alot last year, but I chalk that up to my first job at a health care facility (lots of germs!) plus lots of stress and more processed food than I usually like. I'm hoping this semester will be better, since I'm only taking two classes I'll have more time to cook fresh foods and exercise, and stress a little less. I've been doing really well this summer- eating mainly fresh, raw fruits and veggies, drinking alot of water, taking my multivitamin and omega 3 supplement. I also have been going to the gym 5 days a week- weights 3 x/ week, cardio 5x. Don't think I can keep that up during the semester but I'm going to make an effort. I really hope I'm healthier this year! As for probiotics, learned in micro that its a good idea to take a supplement or eat yogurt/ drink kefir after being on antibiotics.
  15. beck_79

    OT: Lunch

    I've lost most of the 20 pounds I put on going back to school so I'm going to do all I can to keep it off! That means no cafeteria food for me. I've got a nice soft cooler that I'm going to bring with healthy stuff. My ideas: Salads: green salad, fruit salad, bean salad, rice or pasta salad, etc Fresh fruit Nuts Light string cheese Hard boiled eggs Luna bars V8 juice Peanut butter
  16. beck_79

    Night Shifters: Do you sleep?

    I haven't fallen asleep yet. But come 4 am, if it's not busy I will put my head down for 15 minutes or so to rest my body- and it actually helps. I'd never doze- I need to be alert and able to respond right away if anything happens.