Does anyone else's school do this??

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    The lovely college I attend doesn't give out final grades for the semester until the first week in January. The final exam was yesterday. Completely stinks!

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    Well I guess it depends when the semester officially ends & when grades are due. You don't have much time to wait, good luck!
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    The semester has ended already. The rational is they don't want to ruin anyone's holiday. They know the grades already!
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    That sucks!
    I know official grades don't post until Jan 3 at my school, but our instructors post all of our scores for everything online, so you can do the math yourself and figure it out.
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    That's stupid. So students can worry their entire break? Makes no sense to me.
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    Can't you figure out your own grade? My school provides a grading sheet for each course. We plug in our scores for tests, case studies, etc and then calculate everything based on the criteria they provide (i.e. test 1 is 0.25, test 2 is 0.20, case study is 0.05, etc etc). I always know my grade down to the percentage point (even though they only post a letter grade, no +/-).
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    I always know my grade before it is posted because we do computerized tests that give scores and rationales immediately. It's still nice to see them posted, though. Sorry you have to wait.
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    You should be able to add up your scores and roughly figure out your grade. That stinks you have to wait so long
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    There are four exams and then the final. I have all the grades for the four exams. But not the final. So I did figure out my average but can't do it completely without the final. And they do not factor in papers, concept maps, etc. It is just the four exams and then the final. And it sucks because the final is worth 40% and the other exams are worth 15%.
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    Why the heck doesn't your college require grades to be submitted by a certain date? Weird.

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