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I know we're doing this with classmates and we have people around us at home in most cases, but does anyone else feel like you're all alone in your own universe and you can just sort of see everyone else "out there"? I know... Read More

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    Alyssa and Julie-

    Hang in there guys, you can do it!!! I am a recent grad (Aug of this year)- married with two kids (youngest is 3). I've done the 5 a.m. thing (for me-it was usually 3 or 4 am!)studying and going to school all day to come home and do cleaning and cooking and everything for everyone all the time, not to mention the financial need to work weekends. But you can do this. You give up alot- and feel it a hundred times over, but all your hard work will truely pay off.I had some major marriage problems, problems with my oldest, bills piling up and all that too.But I can honestly say that the first time I held my actual license in my hand- and knew I would be ok, it was all worth it! Get help if you need it, b**ch and cry if you have to and hide if you need too.You'll find it much easier to breathe once you do. And you'll be amazed at how much each student in your classes feels the exact same way. Loney? We ALL were- each of us in our own way-those at home couldn't imagine it, and those at school couldn't imagine things at home, but we had each other, and you have all of us here too! Just look at the response you've gotten.....
    Good luck ladies!
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    Yeah I admit, loneliness is a factor in my life. Working full-time and taking classes eats away at your people time.
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    People time???? Are you actually telling me that there are living human beings outside of work or school???:imbar Why didn't someone tell me??? I'll have to make it a point to see if I can find one!!! LOL!

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