Do you have a lot of Debt to pay off

  1. 0 Of course everyone has SOME student loan to pay off. But what is the average debt load?
    I am thinking of going to further school for an ADN. It will be at least 2 years.
    I know that it will cost me a MINIMUM of 20 k.

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    Not everyone has debt.. After 3 years of college ill have about 5k in loans. Some people won't have any. Why not go to community collwge since finances are an issue, they are alot cheaper than 20k.
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    I think will be about 28k when I graduate....It isn't b/c thats the cost of my program, but I took the full loan amount available as I had to quit a FT job to go back to school and hubby's salary wasn't enough to suppot us while going to school, and we have 4 kids.
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    I won't have any from my ADN or BSN. I will have to take out loans for grad school when the time comes unless I hit the lottery (which I never play ) but I'm ignoring that for now. I got a scholarship for the ADN (~$4500) and we're saving now for my BSN tuition (~$7500).
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    Quote from Katie71275
    I think will be about 28k when I graduate....It isn't b/c thats the cost of my program, but I took the full loan amount available as I had to quit a FT job to go back to school and hubby's salary wasn't enough to suppot us while going to school, and we have 4 kids.
    Me too, around 28k for the next two years. I'm lucky and consider myself fortunate enough to have a husband who is willing to support me through school. I hope to start working again after my first semester of school, but until then... It'll be nice to not have to depend solely on his income when I start working again. I'm sure he'll be thankful for that too.
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    No debt for my ADN, thanks to grants. The total cost of pre-reqs and all is about 10K. RN - BSN will be about 10,000-11,000 which will be a mix of savings and as little loans as possible.

    Where are you going that an ADN costs 20k plus? I can't imagine a community college program would be almost as high as some 4 year state schools. Or are you taking out loans for cost of living as well?
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    I'm going for my BSN. I will graduate with around $32,000 in student loan debt. I received several small scholarships and grants also. I am using the student loan money to pay for living expenses so that I don't have to work while I am in nursing school. (single, no kids) if I wasn't using my loan money to pay for living expenses, then I would graduate with less debt. But I am happy with my decision. Not having to work really helps ease the stress level of nursing school and allows me ample time to prepare for exams, etc. I feel that not working has been very beneficial to me. I have plenty of time to study and I have made straight A's in all of my nursing courses so far.
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    So far I'm in debt $3500 which isn't too bad considering I've been going part time for the last 2 years to knock out my pre reqs and co reqs. I just started my RN program a few weeks ago so I still have 2 years (full time now, yikes) to go until I have my ADN. I hope I don't have to take out any more loans because I want to be able to spend my first RN paycheck, not throw it at a loan lol. But if push comes to shove...
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    I'm hoping to graduate with a surplus. I work, live at home and my parents pay for my papers as pass them. We'll see how it goes, circumstances change and nothing in life is ever set in stone.
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    I will have no debt. I paid out of pocket for my first 3 semesters of pre reqs and have an honors scholarship to pay for nursing school. I will then get a job and get tuition reimbursement for my BSN (the 3 hospitals I want to work at all have it). Now, the ridiculously expensive MSN program I want to go to is all on my own and right at that time my son will be going to college. It's feasible that we could pay for both and not go in debt, but I doubt it. We've been living off of one income for the last 14 years, so if we're both working during that time, all of one of our incomes could go to the schools.
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    I owe absolutely nothing for the ADN I just completed. Not one cent.

    Get a job. Save. Go slowly if you have too.
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    Working, saving, scholarships and grants mean I have an AS and a BSN with 4K of debt.

    Those of you with high debt loads who did not happen to take several finance classes: it is worth it to talk to someone in the know, either a financial consultant or debt counselor (or you school may offer this service) about how best to pay off your debt, whether to consolidate or in what order to pay off loans. Doing it smartly can save you thousands of dollars. Be wary of the ones who advertise over-the-top.
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    I currently have about $9,000 in student loan debt and hope to have it paid off within the next couple of years. I worked full-time as an LPN/LVN while attending an RN completion program.

    Full-time employment can be maintained with full-time school, regardless of the partial truths that school administrators feed to students.
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