Conditional acceptance?

  1. Has anybody waited to hear if you've gotten accepted into a program, only to receive a letter of "conditional acceptance"?

    I could have read the admissions more clearly on the university's website, or my advisor could have offered more details, but regardless, I was surprised at the $150 deposit, $155 criminal background check/drug screen, and required laptop purchase through the university upon final acceptance.

    Not that I am totally complaining- I got in! But I wasn't prepared for these expenses (I actually launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to ask my family and friends for help- I'm also pregnant and taking classes, so needless to say, I didn't have the money and was able to cover it by fundraising) and I'm wondering what other processes people have had to go through upon acceptance to their programs. Just for some perspective.
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  3. by   PnutButterJelly
    We had to do a background check and a drug screen. Both were around $50. That wasn't bad. The most expensive part is that we were required to have an iPod touch and a $200 nursing app for it. Luckily I had the iPod but we really didn't even use them that much. That is the annoying part.
  4. by   chwcbesteph
    Gah! The laptops we need run between $1050 and $1800!! At least I have until this summer to figure out how I'm going to pay for it.
  5. by   i♥words
    I have conditional acceptance as well because I applied while still completing my prerequisites. As long as I pass them and have my transcript in by such and such a date I am "officially" accepted.

    I think it is crazy what schools require students to buy. I was getting worried myself because of a requirement to buy electronic versions of textbooks for use on an iPad (which I don't own). Thankfully I heard they decided to drop this idea (haven't had this confirmed, but I am praying hard!). I'd hate to have to buy an iPad, electronic versions of all textbooks, and then, most likely, the hard copy versions as well. And I hate when you are required to buy through the school. I always buy online because even new on Amazon is cheaper usually than used at the school's bookstore. OK, rant over.

    I hope your friends and family will be extremely generous!
  6. by   Jory
    I'm starting to wonder where you applied...sounds like free-grabbing to me.
  7. by   winterlights08
    What on earth are they going to have you do with a computer that costs almost $2000? I have a clearance PC that cost me $280 and it does everything I need to do for school.
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  8. by   MommaTy
    My letter was congrats you got in, reply back by a certain date or you forfeit your spot. They have a mandatory nursing student day on May 29th. I had to pay 75 bucks to take the pre entrance exam and to hand in my application. That was all that was required ahead of time for me. I already have a laptop (macbook air).
  9. by   chwcbesteph
    I'm guessing it's pretty integrated into the curriculum- it comes fully loaded with professional software for charting, etc.. We can get it fixed through the university's IT dept. and use a loaner while it's being worked on (which we definitely wouldn't be able to do if we each had our own personal notebooks), and it comes with a 3-year accidental damage protection, which most home units don't- that means if I spill coffee on it, knock it off the counter at a clinical site, or whatever, it's replaceable. So... I GET IT. But that doesn't make it cheaper.

    Oh, and I'm accepted at the University of South Dakota.
  10. by   chwcbesteph
    Quote from wordsofmymouth

    I hope your friends and family will be extremely generous!
    They HAVE been. I raised over $500 in a week. It's been incredible. I guess people really think I'm going to make a good nurse!
  11. by   Everline
    Wow. I didn't have any unexpected fees. I didn't even have to pay for the drug testing or the background check. Certainly am not required to buy a laptop. I'm glad you were able to work it out and good luck to you in your nursing program.
  12. by   OklahomaState'13
    We had to pay for the state background check, national background check, drug test, CPR, any shots you need from the required list, and 2 TB tests. I am in a 14 month accelerated program starting in June, and we will have to do another CPR class and get the TB tests done again in 12 months, which is kinda annoying since we will only be in school for 2 more months and CPR certifications are supposed to last for 2 years. It could be worse though!
  13. by   StayHumble11
    I had restrictions and those included only that I finish my remaining prereqs with a C or better and get the transcripts sent in by a certain date. Also gotta get them the health records and do a physical and drug test and I assume I will have to pay for that but no biggie. Already had to pay 40 bucks for a 2 step tb skin test. I am going to a private college for an absn. No complaints here, just happy I got in.
  14. by   Lolita34
    Congratulations! I had to pay $250 for the seat deposit and its non-refundable. Good luck!