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  1. OklahomaState'13

    OU Traditional BSN 2014- Do any previous students have advise?

    I'm in the ABSN program instead of the traditional program, so ours is a little different. We do have some of the same instructors though and they are all pretty helpful and that is definitely not true about asking questions. We took one class with the traditional juniors this past semester and many many questions were asked! Haha. I'm not sure as far as the online classes go. This is a total guess, but I'm guessing that isn't true. Generally, we have had one online class each semester and then our intercession classes are online (traditionals do not have intercession classes). I would guess we would have a lot more online stuff since all of our classes are compact due to our program being 14 months. Again, I could be wrong on that though.
  2. OklahomaState'13

    OU Accelerated BSN 2014-15

    There is also an apartment complex maybe 5-10 minutes from campus called Lincoln at Central Park. I looked into those and I know they give a discount to OUHSC students. I think it was like $10 off every month or something, so nothing big but it could add up. I could be totally wrong about the price though. Like the precious poster mentioned, people kinda live all over. Some in Norman, Edmond, Yukon, downtown, etc. I, along with others, live near Quail Springs Mall in NW OKC. It can be anywhere from a 15-30 minute drive depending on traffic, but it's not too bad. First semester sucked because we had class at 8 almost every day so traffic was horrible. This semester we have one class on Monday and one on Thursday and both start at 10 so the drive isn't bad at all.
  3. OklahomaState'13

    Wait Listed!!!

    I'm in the ABSN program so possibly a little different from the traditional program, but I was told I was on the wait list in November I think it was and then got a call the very beginning of January saying I had a spot. For my program at least, we were numbered and they just went down the list as spots came available (people declined). There's nothing I could have done to better my chances. I e-mailed one of ladies asking how many people applied and she told me what number I was on the wait list, so you might try to do that! Like I said though ours might be different. This year we started with 38 whereas the tradition program has 106, so ours is probably less complicated.
  4. OklahomaState'13

    OU Medical Center

    $19.75 for new grads. I don't have the differentials in front of me but they are approximately $2.00-$3.00 per differential.
  5. OklahomaState'13

    OU Accelerated BSN 2014-15

    People live all over honestly. Some live downtown near campus, some in Edmond, some in Yukon, some in the Quail Springs Mall/North OKC area. The area right around campus is not the best, but overall I think OKC is relatively safe. I live in the north OKC area and it takes about 15-25 minutes depending on traffic. I'm pretty sure all of our intercession classes are online, but I could be wrong. So far, our August and now December intercession classes have been online. We also had one online class in the summer and fall semesters. It really is a mix of people from all backgrounds and ages. I think most are from Oklahoma but there are some from Texas and Oregon as well.
  6. OklahomaState'13

    OU Accelerated BSN 2014-15

    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply! I do believe the scrubs are more expensive through the school, but I could be wrong. If I remember correctly, it was around $180 for two pairs of scrubs and our OU polo through the school. The main thing is finding scrubs that fit you. Like I said, I haven't had any problems with mine but I know lots of other people's didn't fit them correctly. Our clinicals are already pre-determined. However, within the clinical, we did get to somewhat choose our patients. Kind of. During the summer, people were at Norman Regional, OU Medical Center, and OU in Edmond. This semester, everyone is at OU Medical Center for med-surg. We also did our psychosocial rotation this semester. Next semester is critical care and OB. This semester at OU Medical Center our instructors had a list of floors and we got to choose which floor we wanted to be on from their list. Before starting, I was told the OKC campus was going to accept 48 people, but we have always had 38 that I am aware of.
  7. OklahomaState'13

    OU Accelerated BSN 2014-15

    Oh and one big thing! At orientation, people will be there with order forms to buy scrubs. I, along with lots others, thought we had to buy those scrubs since they have to be a specific color but you don't! I didn't have any problems with mine, but a lot of people had issues with the sizes once we got our scrubs in so I would recommend either buying scrubs on your own in the maroon/red color or atleast go to a scrub shop and try on a pair in the brand the school sells (I don't remember what brand they sell at the moment, but I can look tomorrow and post it.)
  8. OklahomaState'13

    OU Accelerated BSN 2014-15

    We get automatically enrolled each semester and everyone takes the same classes, so no we don't get to choose our classes. There are 38 people in our class, which I think is really nice since we all know each other and feel comfortable with each other. The teachers are VERY helpful and really do want you to succeed. In my opinion (and I know lots of other people think this as well), the schoolwork isn't bad at all. I thought I would have no life and would be extremely overwhelmed at all times and it's definitely not like that. Of course, some things can be overwhelming but it is much easier than I thought it would be. For instance, this semester I had class/clinicals 4 days a week for the first 4 weeks and from then on I've only had class 3 days a week. I honestly have no idea what you are talking about regarding any honors courses, so I can't help you there!
  9. OklahomaState'13

    OU Accelerated BSN 2014-15

    If you guys have any questions let me know! I'm currently in the ABSN program in OKC. :-)
  10. OklahomaState'13

    OU Traditional BSN Fall 2014

    I am in the ABSN program. Things may be different for the ABSN admission process compared to the traditional, but there are people from all different colleges. The majority attended OSU or OU I think, but there are multiple from other colleges and out of state (mainly Texas but there are other states) as well.
  11. OklahomaState'13

    New Grad Pay In Oklahoma

    I was given this information today by the recruitment person. This is for OU (OU Medical Center, Children's Hospital, and OU-Edmond). New grad base pay: $19.75 per hour Evening differential (3p-11p): $2.35 ($22.10) Night differential (11p-7a): $2.60 ($22.35) Weekend differential (11p on Friday-7a on Monday): $3.00 on top of the $2.60 night diff. so $5.60 ($25.35)
  12. OklahomaState'13

    Oklahoma City New Grad Nurses

    I was given this information today by the recruitment person. This is for OU (OU Medical Center, Children's Hospital, and OU-Edmond). New grads base pay: $19.75 per hour Evening differential (3p-11p): $2.35 ($22.10) Night differential (11p-7a): $2.60 ($22.35) Weekend differential (11p on Friday-7a on Monday): $3.00 on top of the $2.60 night diff. so $5.60 ($25.35)
  13. OklahomaState'13

    NNP in Oklahoma

    Does anyone know the hours that most Neonatal Nurse Practitioners work? Particularly Mercy or Integris. Also, the general pay of NNPs in Oklahoma? I've looked online, but it is always hard to really trust that information.
  14. OklahomaState'13

    MOD family specialist

    Oh and she is not an RN or any type of health care professional. I have only been in that particular hospital's NICU and have never had a child in the NICU, but I honestly think the support she gave to the parents was invaluable. It was an amazing opportunity to be involved with the program.
  15. OklahomaState'13

    MOD family specialist

    I am in nursing school now but did an internship with the MOD NICU Family Support Specialist from January through April of this year for my previous degree. She was paid by the MOD and it was a part time position. I was in the hospital with her 3 days a week for about 4 hours each day. I think she was usually there one more day a week besides those 3 days. We also had activities on one or two Saturdays a month. I do know that, at least for her, she made her own hours and could pretty much run the program however she wanted based on the needs of the families in that particular unit. She is the only NICU FSS in my state, but a huge fundraiser by one of the high schools in the area was going to fund the starting process of getting another FSS at a different hospital in the state. I'm on my phone so I can't see what specific questions you asked about, but any questions you have I don't mind answering! Just ask on here or send me a PM. Like I said though, I think every program can be ran differently but I can explain the different activities we did once I can respond on my computer where its a little easier.
  16. OklahomaState'13

    University of Oklahoma Accelerated BSN option

    We have 38 people total in our class and quite a few are from out of state. Mostly Texas but there are a few from other places as well.