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  1. When do you start your fall class?

    Second to last semester for me starts Aug 26. Med-Surg III & clinical Pathopharm III Knowledge Synthesis III Population Health & clinical Bioterrorism (an elective) I can't wait to be finished!
  2. Nursing School Bag - Vera Bradley

    I had ordered the Carried Away tote when I started my prereqs and it only took one day to realize that a bag that size was overkill. It's really big! If it were filled with books and a laptop it would be awful to carry. I ended up getting the Vera, w...
  3. Confusing shoe restrictions!

    I have these and really like them. They were comfortable right out of the box, and were reasonably priced.
  4. Top 10 Nursing Supplies

    I agree with earplugs for exams. I use those silicone ones you roll into a ball that mold to your ear. They help to muffle the coughing in the class that for some reason only starts up during an exam, and our squeaky chairs.
  5. Whats your favorite montra or saying?

    Why choose failure when success is an option?
  6. Conditional acceptance?

    What on earth are they going to have you do with a computer that costs almost $2000? I have a clearance PC that cost me $280 and it does everything I need to do for school.
  7. most hated subject???

    Yup...sitting here right now trying to formulate a PICOT question for my paper .
  8. Very nervous about my third semester of nursing!

    Our school uses the Hogan series "Reviews and Rationales" as supplementary texts. I just finished OB (with an A) and found this book more useful than the actual text. I think these books are available for any nursing class. There are practice tests i...
  9. Planning "My Space" for Nursing School

    I don't really have any particular space in my house set aside for studying. I do have a desk off the kitchen but it's not private. It's more just an area to keep my books, computer, etc. I did need an area that would let me leave books lying out sin...
  10. What classes are you taking in spring

    I'm just finishing up a 17 credit semester . I'll have 3 semesters left of my BSN program. Spring looks like this: Med-Surg II (5 cr) Pediatrics (5 cr) Evidence Based Practice (3 cr) Pathopharm II (2 cr) A critical thinking class (1 cr) 2 clinical d...
  11. Calling all Widener Students: BSN

    So the final decision was Widener? There's a Transferring to Widener FB page; maybe you could also ask there? Good luck! -Erica
  12. So close to seeing a delivery

    Oh, that stinks! So close! I also missed out on my first birth last week . Mom was most likely headed for a c-section, and my instructor was willing to hang out with me for an hour or so, but by the time the decision would be made, and the prep..who ...
  13. Calling all moms

    I'm a second-semester BSN student: a back-to-school mom with four kids (16, 12,10, and 4 1/2). The only thing that is saving me is that my three older daughters are with their father for half of the week. I don't know if I could do this with all of t...
  14. I'm also in my second semester and feeling like . All I can say is hang in there, but I know it's tough. I'm sort of having issues with my one clinical instructor also, but for different sorts of reasons. Right now I'm in the same boat though..not mo...
  15. Should I take Chem or Biology?

    I would also agree with chem being the better choice, if you had to chose between the two. Bio is good for cell biology and genetics, but what you need to know will be covered again in A&P, but my general bio class was more concerned with the lif...