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The thought of pens cheers me up and yes, I need to be cheered up today. Please post what pens make your heart :redpinkhe Right now I am liking the following: Pentel Energel Pentel RSVP (fine)... Read More

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    Quote from Smith.C74
    I like the retractable pens. My current favourite is the Bic Atlantis. It has a rubber grip and isn't too chunky.
    I love the Bic Atlantis for keeping in my scrubs. They are a little bit cheaper so if another student or doctor borrows one and "accidently" forgets to give it back, I'm not gonna cry. I love the Uni Roller Ball pens for class notes because they write so smooth
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    Bic Atlantis beats more expensive pens for smoothness and non smudging. I hate smudging!!! pretty nice width of writing also.
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    Pentel RSVP (fine) ALLDAY!!!

    I need to find a pen that writes medium but feels like fine.
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    I feel naked without my Bic 4 color pen.
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    OMG! I'm not alone! *wine

    I love my Uni-Ball Signo. Especially the orange one. And walmarts new line, @theOffice, they have a similar one that I love <3
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    I love the PaperMate Profile. It writes nice and smooth and you don't have to press hard for it to write dark.
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    I love this post. I'm a non-repentant office supply junkie. Right now I am loving Bic VelocityGel pens. They feel great writing on a thick legal pad in clinical.
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    Bic retractable gel pens
    I like to write my notes in color so any pens with color
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    I just bought a 3-pack of uni-ball VISION retractable pens for $2.00, on sale at Office Depot
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    i have another to add: pilot g2 1.0mm,in black .... its so bold!i love dark ink
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