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Alternatives to wristwatches?

  1. 1 Is there another type of watch that I can use instead of a wristwatch? That is unisex...
    I hate wearing wristwatch in the first place cause it feels uncomfortable. And also in clinicals, it gets dirty a lot. The gloves falls off at the watch so its exposed and definitely gets contaminated and dirty. Especially when you have to deal with soiled stuff. And you cant really wash it cause it breaks if you do, but you get the wrist belt wet when you wash your hands and it becomes stinky and sometimes dirty or possibly broken.
    So what else can I use?
    And Where can I get one?
    I also want a stylish one, if applicable.
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    Not sure what you are looking for but this is a unisex keychain with watch

    Gotham Unisex Silver-Tone Analog Quartz Keychain Clip Fob Watch # GWC18107-1: Watches:
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    I used to carry a pocket watch, and only pull it out when needed.
    Or, there are watches that pin to your shirt, that are "upside down", so when you look down at your shirt the numbers are oriented to you.
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    Walmart has pocket/keychain watches for $10-15. I went to keychain as i really don't like wearing a watch.
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    My husband made a watch for me after he saw one in a catalog for $$$. He took a watch I already had, attached it upside-down to a clip and cut off the rest of the band. I wear it clipped to my collar, where I can read it right-side up and it never gets wet when I wash my hands. btw, I wash to my elbows every time and I've never gotten sick (so far).
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    Honestly.... I use the stopwatch feature on my iPhone when I need to count respers or pulse and there's no clock in view. My nursing instructor would be none too pleased.
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    I use my phone as well. I always tell my patient "I'm not texting or anything, I'm using the stopwatch on my phone". They're always fine with it. A large majority of my patients are on cardiac monitors though, so I don't need my phone often.
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    this is the coolest watch ever!