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  1. rammstein

    Gen. Biology during summer session?

    I work 40 hours/week and took microbiology as a 5-week half-summer course (I took chemistry the other half!) to finish my prereqs in time. I did a lot of reading on the beach and my friends thought I was a loser, but I got an A- in both classes.
  2. rammstein

    Where should I volunteer?

    But don't count out volunteering all together. I was so much more comfortable when I started clinicals because I had already been exposed to the hospital environment through my volunteer work. It doesn't really matter where you volunteer; pick a field that interests you. You'll be immersed in the healthcare world pretty much anywhere (unless you're volunteering behind a desk; that might not be as helpful), and you have no idea how much that immersion will benefit you when you finally are in nursing school, regardless of whether the admissions officers look at it beforehand. Just don't pick up too many hours. Turnforthenurse is right, grades are important for getting in. And then when you are in, you'll need plenty of time to do all your reading.
  3. Second day of lab was bed bath and making an occupied bed. First day was unoccupied bed.
  4. rammstein

    Alternatives to wristwatches?

    this is the coolest watch ever!
  5. rammstein

    Too young/ early in life to be in Nursing Program?

    I wish I'd gone to nursing school right out of high school. I went to college and got my bachelor's, but not in nursing. I worked for a couple years, but not in nursing. Now I'm going back to school, finally for nursing - and while I may have a few more years of "life experience" than you, none of it's in nursing. Plus, now I'm old enough that going back home isn't an option - that family support that would have been so valuable;juggling a full time job and home life is HARD! Long story short, the haters are jealous. Good luck in school!
  6. rammstein

    underweight kid

    interesting how everyone immediately either gets ***** off or wants to know if there's other signs of abuse... but you're forgetting about another big weight factor - eating disorders. that's something that the kid could be very good at hiding from his/her parents, so they might not know about, and a notification home could allow them to get their child help while it's still early enough to make a difference. Eating disorders are a lot easier treated when they've only been going on for a few months then when they've been part of your life for years...
  7. rammstein

    Consent issue

    this sounds like a simple case of someone was too lazy to do things properly so they half-a$$ed it and called it "good enough." good enough never is, in my opinion... and laziness is my #1 pet peeve.
  8. you only have to fill out the good moral character form if you answered yes to one of the questions that would be acting against good moral character. the questions are: 1. Has any disciplinary action ever been taken against you by a professional and/or trade licensing/certification board located in the United States, the District of Columbia, U.S. territory, or any country/foreign jurisdiction, including removal from a long-term care nurse aide registry program? 2. Are you the subject of pending disciplinary action by a professional and/or trade licensing/certification board located in the United States, the District of Columbia, U.S. territory, or any country/foreign jurisdiction? 3. Have you ever applied for, and been denied, a professional and/or trade license/certification in the United States, the District of Columbia, U.S. territory, or any other country/foreign jurisdiction? 4. Have you ever surrendered or resigned a professional and/or trade license/certificate in the United States, the District of Columbia, U.S. territory, or any other country/foreign jurisdiction? 5. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in the United States, the District of Columbia, U.S. territory, or any other country/foreign jurisdiction? 6. Are you the subject of any pending or open criminal case (s) or investigation(s), (including for any felony or misdemeanor) in a jurisdiction in the United States, the District of Columbia, U.S. territory, or any country/foreign jurisdiction? If you didn't answer yes to any of those, you don't have to answer the other worksheet or submit those other documents. MA does all their licensure through PCS now, here's the link you need in case you don't have it: https://www.pcshq.com/?page=health,uregisterednursesrnu
  9. rammstein

    Puzzles and games for studying?

    On iphone (not sure about other devices)- Prognosis: Your Diagnosis for practicing assessment and learning symptomology, and Speed Anatomy Lite for practicing identifying parts of the anatomy. Bonus - they're both free!
  10. rammstein

    Happiness vs more money

    It was important to my parents that I attend a prestigous university, so they helped me pay for part of what wasn't covered by scholarship. However, it was always made very clear that they would only pay for part, and it was up to me to ensure that I maintained the grades to keep the scholarship that was paying for most of the tuition, and the balance - not a small amount - I had to take out loans to cover. I'll be paying those loans until 2020, but I don't regret it. Having to make sure I kept the grades to keep my scholarship ensured that I didn't slack off, and knowing that I had loans to pay taught me to manage my money from the beginning, so that student loans were my only debt when I graduated - I worked consistently throughout college and didn't rely on credit cards like some of my peers. I went to a school with a co-op program, and one of the girls who was cooping in the same office as I was had her education paid for entirely by her parents. Her co-op was the first job she'd ever had in her life, she had thousands of dollars in credit card debt from reckless shopping, and her car actually got impounded by the city for having so many unpaid parking tickets. She never had any responsibility before being thrown into adulthood, and didn't know how to handle it. If you want to help your son out with his education, that's great. But let him have some responsibility for it as well, or else what happens when he graduates and has never had to be responsible before?
  11. My hospital has an outpatient building, for general outpatient care as one would get in a non-hospital affiliated doctor's office. almost all those offices run M-F 9-5 or something close to it (some might start at 8 and close at 6 or 7). So don't rule out all hospital jobs as being guaranteed odd hours.
  12. rammstein

    Whats your biggest pet peeve working in the ED?

    Today my patient thought he had been waiting long enough for his xray after we brought him back to the waiting area (less than ten minutes) so he got out of his wheelchair - TWICE - and started wandering around trying to find the XR lab. We spent more time looking for him than it should have taken start to finish from the time we sat him to the time he left!
  13. rammstein

    Want to start a nursing career..

    I took my prereqs two at a time in the evenings while working full time (I also have a BS but didn't take any physical sciences or labs the first time) and with those completed and everything else transferring in from my prior degree, the only classes left to take are my patient care classes which I can also take at night. The only tricky part is going to be scheduling clinicals, which can be at any time - hopefully I'll be able to get a weekend or evening one for that as well; they haven't been scheduled. I'm still working full time 8-4 and if I have to use a personal/vacation day once a week for a semester until I've gotten enough clinical experience to get a more flexible healthcare-related job, then that's what I'll keep doing. But I've always worked full time while being in school, so I'm used to having to make it work. This also means not sleeping a lot or having much of a life lol.
  14. rammstein

    Any Nurses Dealing with Eating Disorder Recovery?

    sometime having something other than calories to focus on is helpful, but sometimes the stress brings out unhealthy behaviors...
  15. rammstein

    Why is staff turnover considered bad?

    my job has the worst of both worlds - high turnover in the new people perhaps caused at least in part by the miserable attitudes of the other half who have been here 20-30+ years, which is perhaps caused in part by the fact that half their coworkers are always trainees... it's hard to get anything done when everyone is unhappy.
  16. rammstein

    Any Nurses Dealing with Eating Disorder Recovery?

    How about nursing students?