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  1. I gained 7 pounds in 2 months. Lol
  2. So, I work nights. 12 hours. How do people like me stay healthy and in shape? I am always very tired after work. I am always eating anything to stay awake during the night. When I am off, I am mostly asleep. All of my days off is for sleep. When I wake up sometimes, I realize I have to sleep again because I work that night later. I'm still figuring out a diet that works for me. I do want to start working out so i could be in shape. Do you workout after 12hours? I just want to know how others do it.
  3. ChooSoul

    Antibiotics administration.

    So I have a pt who came in with cellulitis and he is on many antibiotics but he has impaired renal function so they have been giving low doses. 1 day ago, his renal function started to get better so they increased the dosages of the antibiotics. Fast forward to now, his urine output has decreased yet again. I'm expecting renal impairment again, or obstruction. Should I still administer the scheduled antibiotics that they ordered? Or what's a better smarter approach?
  4. ChooSoul

    I think I'm gonna quit nursing

    Informatics is interesting because it relates to technology but I still have no idea what exactly nurse informaticists really do.
  5. ChooSoul

    I think I'm gonna quit nursing

    That sounds amazing. What is the new career youre going into?
  6. ChooSoul

    I think I'm gonna quit nursing

    Med surg icu are definitely stressful and exhuasting. Many times have i gotten sick while working and had to go to ER. I'm so done with hospitals but i need income. Im gonna check out psych and prison, although they sound so scary.
  7. ChooSoul

    I think I'm gonna quit nursing

    Nursing is my first real job. Before that, the closest to work i did was volunteering and thats its. I want to go into arts or something creative, like the performing arts. Something that doesnt require much of going back to school again... I just dont know where or how to start.
  8. ChooSoul

    I think I'm gonna quit nursing

    I dont want to be a nurse anymore. I don't want to be in the medical field anymore. Im not just feeling burnt out, underappreciated, drained in all aspects, and all kinds of stressed out. I just feel like I have lost all my passion and interest. I still like people though. Its not just because being in the bedside sucks just as every nurse nurse knows, but I think the medical field in general is not for me anymore... I've been doubting my career choice since college. Now, I have been a nurse for almost 4 yrs and I think its enough time to realize that this may not be my life calling or purpose. I feel like I became a nurse because I was raised to be goal oriented, and I was challenged because nursing school is tough. I guess I wanted to prove that I was smart or something. I wanted to pursue a different career path but I just had to prove something. BUT Now, I also just realized that nobody cares. So, here I am, stressed out. I feel like going on a new journey to self actualization. I guess I still have to feel uncomfortable as I have to work as a nurse to pay the bills. I just dont want to work as a nurse while Im going through feelings such as this, because it would be unfair and a disservice to myself and to my patients down the line. I definitely have to get out and as soon as possible. I really, genuinely dont like it anymore. So, there's that. I just feel like I had to share. Is there anyone else that feels or have felt what I feel? Know anyone who's made a nonmedical career change? Thoughts?
  9. Will my GPA of 3.4 even make the cut for CRNA school? I just know its not enough to compete with others who are vying for a seat in a CRNA program everywhere. But at the same time I am hopeful that I could get into CRNA school. I just dont want to end up working so hard taking all the other required classes and other prerequisites to apply and then get rejected. It would just feel worthless. I have so much more questions regarding CRNA schools and applications, but this one has been bothering me so much.
  10. ChooSoul

    Does your administrator have a college degree

    That is weird... To be an administrator, if you're not a medical professional, you need to have at least a degree in business administration or something. If she has no degree at all, then that is some sketchy situation. If she doesnt do a good job, then she should show proper proof of credentials. Its a major problem when non clinicians tell clinicians how to do their jobs when they don't even understand a bit of what medical professionals do.
  11. I would like to have some advice because Im considering becoming a crna. I am currently working as an ICu rn in a level 3 hospital. Im planning to apply to crna school in 1.5 to 2 years from now. I only know that crna schools require that you have icu experience and go school full time. so I don't know what else I should prepare. Nursing is my only degree. I only have nursing courses and nursing prerequisites so what should I get out the way while Im still working? I have 3.5 cumulative gpa... Will that make the cut? I know every school is different and it's competitive, so should I apply to crna schools all over the USA? Are the prerequisites the same for all? Where can I find a reliable source of list of accredited crna schools? What are ways that I can financially prepare for crna school? What else should I watch out for that I haven't mentioned? Any other advice? thanks
  12. What is the difference? I know that you need at least a masters degree. As far as autonomy, does a DNP needs to be working under an MD? because I know that NPs have to work under an MD. Or is a DNP kind of an equivalent to an MD cause its a doctorates? Tell me what I need to know please, and thanks!
  13. ChooSoul

    ICU Charge nurse Vs. ICU floor nurse to become CRNA

    I'm a new ICU nurse, and even I think this is scary. I suggest just get the regular position and not the charge. I dont think it matters very much if you were charge or a staff nurse in a CRNA application. As long as you got the solid years of experience. Im on orientation and my preceptor is the charge and she KNOWS A LOT. She also gets at least one of the hardest patients, usually gets the admissions, shes the patient advocate and the nurses' advocate, she has super assessment skills and critical thinking. she handles a lot of the floor's responsibility, shes the team leader and shes also like a bouncer, if you compare ICU floor to a club. it is a serious task. Me being new, wouldnt be so comfortable having a charge who isnt really that reliable just because you dont have the proper experience. I feel like youre just like me, a new icu nurse. sure, you had leadership in other fields, but ICU is different. you have so much past achievements, but every time you switch careers, you start over from scratch sometimes. so, just get staff ICU position and get experience then apply for charge later. what i learned, is employers will say whatever just to have their checklist done. the people who hire you are the floor directors and managers. sometimes the employers are desperate and theyll say whatever to get you to come to them and hire you. and if for some reason you do get hired as charge, which youre not ready for. sometimes you bite off more than you can chew and you end up risking your reputation and credentials because the employers goaded you. HR people know nothing about nursing...
  14. ChooSoul

    New ICU RN- looking for sheets.

    Hi I am a new ICU RN and I am looking for a "brain sheet" to use when I go to work and get reports for my patients. I'm new, just got hired right into ICU (still in orientation) and when I get to the floor, its like I dont even know anything. So Im looking to see if anyone can help me with a sheet where I can take notes on and basically make it my other when Im lost, which is most of the time. lol Also, any tips for a new ICU RN? Im still new, so my assessment skills and critical thinking arent bloomed yet so any advice would be appreciated. thanks for reading
  15. ChooSoul

    How to map out my own schedule. Tips please

    That is great to know. Thanks! You got a A, congrats! I could only sign up for 1 class this summer and it started yesterday, its nur3345. I just failed the orientation quiz... I know... of all things... lol I wish I could still get an A even with that and possibly other low scores. I just want to graduate with a beautiful GPA. haha
  16. ChooSoul

    How to map out my own schedule. Tips please

    thanks, naponthebeach. How was the first class you just completed? Are you saying that it could be fine for me to double up like say i do 6 nursing classes per semester, while working full time? because I'm thinking of doing that.