All Graduates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So I am so close to graduation!!!!!!!! Are any graduates out there as excited as I am??? I cannot believe after all this time pursuing nursing my time has finally come and it just doesnt seem real!!!!
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    I am so happy for you!!!!!!
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    May 15th is my pinnng and a few days later is graduation ceremony! Very excited!
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    Thanks!!!! Congrats CT Pixie! It just doesnt seem real, although I sent my app. in for my license and all that stuff to take NCLEX wow!! I hope everyone else getting ready to graduate are as excited..We are rounding the finish line!
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    *raises hand* May 1 pinning and May 3 graduation!!! I love being able to say 6 weeks till graduation when people ask me!
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    Congrats!! My pinning is May 10 (i believe) and my graduation ceremony is May 11. I cant wait, so I know you probably cant either!
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    My pinning ceremony is 3/22/13, with graduation 6/2013... I can't wait either!!!!!
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    May 11 FNP graduation. Anxiety setting in with all the work that still needs done.
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    YES YES YES!!! May 22!
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    Graduation and pinning on May 10. Anyone else have a countdown timer on their computer desktop? I have mine set to the hour. It makes every day just a bit more bearable. Haha
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