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Had a really tough shift the other day, and I brought it home. My husband asked me what was wrong, and I just rambled for 15 minutes. When I was done, he said to me, "You've never said you liked nursing." He's right. I've... Read More

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    Quote from Anoetos
    And yet...

    ...if you say you're in it for the money and the security, you get piled on.
    I am in it for the money and the health insurance!!!!!! If I didn't get that, I would go work in retail or back to an easier office or restaurant job ( like the easy ones I have had before)! I am not ashamed of that or saying that to ANYONE who asks. I have reservations, obviously, about revealing it in real life, but to family and friends and some coworkers, I do not hide it if asked out right. It is A JOB. One of the reasons, if not the top reason, I like it is because of the PAY, the second top reason ( sometimes first) is because of 3 twelves. It is the same bs everywhere but some places have more of it than others. When we are fully staffed and the aides do their job it is such a world of difference. i have had HORRIBLE shifts where everything goes wrong with patients, but if I am working with a good crew, it is WORLD of difference. I don't care if they are in nursing to save the world or what, all I ask is for competent NON LAZY PEOPLE. Aides and nurses who will help you without going off for having to get off their butts to change a pt " not in their assignment". The point of a job for the majority of people IS for the pay and insurance. Any job from dog walker, to general surgeon to accountant. People get jobs to pay the billsl

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    I know the current culture is tough, and there is much to complain of, and I am afraid it is only going to keep getting worse. Our little community hospital got taken over, and corporate thinking has taken over.

    That said, I like nursing. I like what I do, although there are times when I can't take as much time to do it as I might like. Even the annoying and frustrating episode with the obnoxious drunk I ended up putting in restraints last night, didn't ruin my whole night.
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    Thrust me you are not alone. I hope you feel some stress relief after this ramble.
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    Sorry you're going through this, dudette. Throughout all your posts here as a student and a new nurse I've felt you will be an asset to the world of nursing. It's absolutely a good thing that you will have the chance to step away for a breather and evaluate your situation, what you can change and you can't, etc Even when I have "liked nursing" (or parts of it anyway) I never felt actually enthused or cheerleaderish about it. I suppose the most fulfilling thing is knowing that you can do for your patients what nobody else can as a nurse. Most people do appreciate us for doing a good job. Few say so, but I think they feel it.

    Quote from debfeathers
    But isn't is a shame that almost every nurse you talk with, no matter where they are from or what area they are working the story is the same. I have worked 40 years and retired, but nothings changed. Why is that? My theroy. Too many Chief Nurses playing the good ole boy game to keep themselves safe at the top, and selling the staff down the river. Thoughts?
    I think that's a big part of it. I also think that nursing has become more punitive. I can't believe how often nurses are being written up these days (usually it's a very inexperienced or a very experienced nurse who gets it) and how often it's setting management in a position to fire the nurse. I don't remember we were shaking in our shoes over a minor med error the way it is now. Used to be handled in a very matter-of-fact way but now it seems people describe their relationship with management as like Dorothy getting yelled at by the Wizard of Oz.
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    I am so sorry that you are going through this. I have been a nurse for 10 years now. Most of it in ER. I have done staff, per diem and travel nursing. I have worked in over 30 hospitals. I have had some horrible experiences and some great ones. Right now I am working in the ICU in a small hospital. I work with a great group of people and I don't mind coming to work. I have always been fascinated with the science of medicine, and trying to figure out what's wrong with the patients and how to fix them. And I have made some great saves. There is nothing like knowing you saved someones life.
    So where do you float that you kind of like?
    I hope that some day soon you will find an area that you really like. I didn't even become a nurse till I was 45. I have noticed that things have gotten really weird since the economy went up in smoke. Poor moral, trying to do more with less equiptment, less staff etc. I am glad that I only need to work for about 6 more years. By then I will be ready to get out.
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    Quote from Anoetos
    And yet...

    ...if you say you're in it for the money and the security, you get piled on.
    I agree.

    I think if more people treated nursing like a job and not a calling, we wouldn't have as many complaints as we have now. The way I see it, it is a job. You don't have to take patients or co-workers back home, my wonderful grandmother always reminds me. Once you've clocked out....let it go! And if the job is abusing you, not giving you adequate pay or breaks, etc, you just find another one or keep reminding yourself that there is a reason nurses get paid a nice penny for their sufferings.

    I'm not here to be a martyr, and I don't live to work, but rather I work to live. I'm a chronic job hopper. If I'm not happy, I leave or transfer. But one thing is for sure; I NEVER quit unless I have another job at hand.

    There is no loyalty among employers and employees, so there should be no guilt in job hopping or cutting ties. If an employer treated me terribly, I wouldn't stick around out of "fear" of retaliation. Life is too short to deal with such abuse!
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    I'm so thankful I am dating a nurse. We get to vent to each other and we both understand what the other is saying so well. Its just we have a rule that you get to **** and moan about work all you want as soon as you get home. But once the subject has changed, it is over. It is good to be able to vent, but I cant bring my job home with me. It is just that, a job to me. Nothing more.
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    It is ok to rant, it helps you get it out of your system. But I do hope you will be able to resolve your issue with your frustration.
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    I understand that nursing is not cut out for everyone. Having spent a great deal of time in hospitals with my husband over the last few years, nurses are fooling themselves of they think that patients can not tell that they are there just for the money or if they hate their job. We have had many nurses at hospitals that obviously were not there for the patients. Yes, they at times still did what was required but it was obvious that the hospital was not where they wanted to be. We have fired MANY home health nurses. It is bad enough to put up with someone who doesn't want to be there in the hospital but I will not put up with it in my own home. I will say that the those nurses are the ones that inspired me to go to nursing school. Patients deserve to have a nurse that wants to be there.

    My best suggestion for anyone if they do not like their job.... Make the best of it. Not everyone has the dream job but we can all make a plan to get where we want to be. That may mean a career change, getting more education or just a different location. The choice is yours. Choice is the important word here. It is your choice to stay in the healthcare industry, so try to look for the good (no matter how small). Finding things to be thankful for makes all the difference in a person's ability to be content with where they are in life.

    And before I hear about it.... Yes, I am a nursing student. BUT I have a tremendous amount of first-hand experience of the negative impact that healthcare workers that hate their job has on the patients.
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    Quote from Anoetos
    And yet...

    ...if you say you're in it for the money and the security, you get piled on.
    Love this. And yes I work so I can live. I wouldn't do this job for free. I've heard people say this and I shake my head.
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